Anurag Kashyap has always been vocal against the policies of the BJP government at the centre. 

Hindustan Times

The vitriol that he had to face had actually made him quit Twitter for quite some time. 

But as the nation-wide protests against the CAA began to gain momentum, Kashyap returned to the social media platform to publicly criticise the bill. 

Hindustan Times

But earlier today, the ace director posted a screenshot of his current followers, which he claimed had been drastically reduced. He currently has 75,000 followers on the site.

One of his followers also posted a screenshot showing how his followers had suddenly gone from 524k to just 75k in a matter of days. 

Many people have also commented on his tweet saying that they had never unfollowed him!

Kashyap had earlier, in a series of tweets, accused the BJP of making it seem as if the nation-wide protests were Congress-orchestrated. You can follow the Twitter thread below. 

The reason for such a drastic decline of his followers has not been determined yet.