The growing popularity and influence of the K-Pop have many budding artists dreaming of entering the industry. Aria, one of the five members of the female group X:in, is one such artist who has also become the second Indian K-Pop star.

Aria’s birthname is Gauthami. She was born on March 12, 2003, in Kerala. She worked as a child actor in a Malayali film, Melvilasom (2011). She is the second Indian to become a K-Pop idol after Sriya Lenka from the Korean girl band Blackswan.

Previously known as Ami, Aria had earlier joined GBK Entertainment. As per Kpop Wiki, she was a trainee on their online training platform called Universe. There, she was one of the five girls to be selected for MEP-C, GBK’s upcoming girl group. However, her profile post got deleted following which she left the group in early 2023.

In March this year, she was revealed as the final member of the girl group X:in, alongside Nova in the line-up reveal video of the 44th K-Stage Yes or No concert. The group made its debut with the album titled ‘Keeping the Fire’ on April 11, 2023. Their pre-debut single ‘Who Am I’ was released on March 12, 2023.

Besides Aria and Nova, the group has Roa, Chi.u, and E.sha.

Now, isn’t this exciting?