We live in a time where the media has bridged the gap between Bollywood celebs and fans. Today, with social media, paparazzi, and so much more, there’s only little mystery left. The boundaries between fans and celebs have blurred, and the media is always on the tip of its toes to reveal every detail. What’s also changed is the way we cover news- it’s more about gossip and following them everywhere they go!

This means celebs have less privacy and their personal space is often invaded. We compiled a list of times when celebs called out this toxic pattern of covering news.

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1. When Arjun Kapoor called out the media for spreading ‘Fake Gossip’ about Malaika’s pregnancy.

Arjun and Malaika made their relationship in 2019 with an Instagram post. Recently, a rumour spread across the internet that Malaika is pregnant and was fueled by a media report that said:

A lil’ birdie from London told us that Malaika Arora is expecting her first child with Arjun Kapoor. 

Arjun took to Instagram to slam the publication and also the journalist for this unethical report. Here’s what his story read:

Malaika Arora also strongly condemned this story and the article was taken down.  She wrote: “F**king disgusting.”


2. When Deepika Padukone had a perfect reply for casual sexism.

There have been many instances when Deepika was asked many sexist questions after her marriage with Ranveer. While she was making her production debut with Chhapaak, a reporter asked her if her husband Ranveer Singh had invested in it. She immediately called it out and said, “Excuse me, it is my money!” 

3. When Katrina Kaif called our paparazzi who annoyed her outside the gym.

You could call paparazzi culture stalking Bollywood celebs everywhere they go. Katrina who is always kind to the media got really pissed when a few photographers surrounded her outside the gym. She said, “Aaplog apne camera neeche rakho. Humlog yaha pe exercise karne ke liye aaye hai”.


4. When Radhika Apte schooled a journalist for the question on a leaked Parched video.

During the release of her film Parched, a few nude scenes were leaked from the movie leading to a lot of controversies. A reporter asked Radhika, “Is it necessary to be controversial or become bold to be successful?” Well, yeah, she lost her cool and had a savage reply:

Sorry, your question is very ridiculous. Controversies are made by the people like you. You saw the clip, you shared with other people, so you made the controversy. I am an artist… if I am required to do a certain job then I will do it. If you get out of your cocoon and look at the world cinema and what people are doing abroad and that is too successfully then you would have not probably asked this question.

5. When Priyanka Chopra smack-down a report that referred to her as the ‘wife of Nick Jonas’.

Can we please carve it somewhere that a woman’s identity doesn’t change after marriage or has nothing to do with her husband? Priyanka posted a screenshot of an article from the Daily Mail that referred to her as, “the wife of Nick Jonas”. She called them out for this and said:

Very interesting that I am promoting one of the most iconic film franchises of all time and I am still referenced as ‘the wife of… Please explain how this still happens to women? Should I add my IMDb link to my bio?

Have a look:


6. When Vidya Balan slammed a reporter like a boss who body-shamed her.

The journalist started by asking Vidya if she has been doing many women-centric films and whether she would lose weight to do ‘glamorous roles’. She subtly shut down the reporter asking “what’s the relationship between ‘women-centric’ and weight loss?” Vidya then politely said “I am very happy with the kind of work I am doing. It would be great if you could change your mindset.” We agree.

It’s time that channels should go back and take ethical journalism classes again.

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