This quirky appreciation for real-life Arshad Warsi by Kriti Sanon’s character in Bachchhan Pandey signalled us that he will steal the thunder but as a side hero, again.

“Ye second hero hi hote hain jo main hero ko khaa jaate hai. Munna Bhai MBBS mein Circuit yaad hai?”

Fair enough, not every actor knows how to leave an indelible mark while simply supporting a main lead. But there are some ‘sidekicks’, who literally live in the hearts of the audience, becoming the sole reason for them to grab tickets to watch their films. Case in point: Arshad Warsi. 

DNA India

Although our favourite roles of Arshad Warsi often had him breathe life into a second hero, we can’t forget to mention Jolly LLB. 

Remember the morally dubious lawyer who makes the conscious effort to mend his ways? Warsi deserves credit for bringing a breath of fresh air to Indian film with Jolly.


Yet the critically acclaimed lead was not cast in the sequel Jolly LLB 2. Why, you ask? Fox Star Studios wanted a ‘bigger star’ this time as it’s ‘less risky’. 


Moving forward, the newest gangster-comedy to hit the theatres Bachchhan Pandey had an undeniable advantage- a solid supporting cast. 

Right from Sanjay Mishra to Pankaj Tripathi, the minute these brilliant actors blessed the screen with their hilarity, they made the film ‘paisa wasool’ for us. And Arshad Warsi, in particular, stood out. 

Arshad played Vishu, who wowed the audience right from his entry. His comic timing was impeccable; yet the actor, despite being in his element, was out of focus throughout the film. 

He clearly nailed as yet another second hero we wish had more screen-time in Bachchhan Pandey

To make the lead appear a larger-than-life hero, undervaluing the supporting cast is needless. If the star is bright, it will shine. 

Bollywood’s obsession with A-league actors (because they carry stardom in their backpacks) is so intense that the genuinely talented actors are repeatedly sidelined. It’s unfortunate that we’re split between blockbusters and good films and considering the pattern, the gap will only stretch.