People who love The Office have a weird relationship with all its remakes. There’s no one same feeling for all of them. The US version. Mostly, love. The UK version. Well… The Indian version. Umm, no (for me).

And that’s proof that films and shows depend a lot on casting, treatment and a number of other factors which often go unnoticed. On the other hand, there’s news about a new The Office remake, and that has caused stir among fans.

The Office

Apparently, the new and the fourteenth adaptation of the show version will be Australian. However, this time, the story-line will have a female manager, which is a refreshing change. The role of the manager, Hannah Howard will be essayed by Felicity Ward. The rest of the cast will include Edith Poor, Jonny Brugh, Lucy Schmit, Steen Raskopoulos, Pallavi Sharda, Shari Sebbens, Firass Dirani, Josh Thomson, Susan Ling Young, and Raj Labade.

Australian remake with Felicity Ward
The Guardian

To keep the setting contemporary, the plot will also focus on post-COVID times, where Howard finds out that her branch will be shutting down and the staff will have to work from home. So, much like Michael Scott, she will try to keep her “work family” together, in her eccentric ways. There’s clearly a lot to look forward to, and these changes sound promising.

Michael Scott
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The internet, however, has two types of reactions. Some like the idea.

Others, do not.

The show will release in 2024. So, we literally have to wait, and watch here.