Some of the funniest, and most bizarre stories are a result of bad decision making. For instance, this Australian guy’s decision to fake his own abduction to spend New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend. Paul Iera, a 35-year-old man, left home and shortly sent a message to his girlfriend telling her that he’s been kidnapped by a sex-worker.

But, when his girlfriend reported it to the police, they found out that Paul was in fact, seen going to his other girlfriend’s house with an overnight bag.

Iera had planned this entire situation out with maximum effort, because he even told his father that he’d been kidnapped and that they’d leave him behind in his car. And, he and his lover were seen dropping him off, just moments after the call via CCTV footage.

Man, Kidnapped
Credit: Mr. Right Services

The New South Wales Police said, “It was established the man allegedly made up the story about his own kidnapping.” And were quite disappointed with the time that was wasted on this case.

Oof, talk about doing too much! That’s whole lot of effort to maintain two relationships at once.