While the lockdown has pushed many people to hunt for their hidden talents, Baba Sehgal is making the best use out of his creativity during these times.  


Would you believe me if I told you that Baba Sehgal made a Hindi cover of Bella Ciao and managed to make it about staying safe during the pandemic? No, I’m not kidding, his new song is called “Kela Khao”. 

In the video, Baba Sehgal is spotted cycling on his spin bike and singing the lyrics to his brand new cover which goes like:  

Chawal nahi hai, sabzi nahi hai. Tum kela khao, kela khao, kela khao, khao, khao.  

Giving people hope during these tough times, he further encourages them to eat banana, chill, and thank the frontline workers: 

Hoga savera, jaega andhera. Tum kela khao, kela kaho, kela khao,khao,khao. Doctor se bhi aur police se bhi, hath jodkar bolo thank you abhi, abhi.  

Watch his cover of desi Bella Ciao here: 

Netizen are going cray over his creativity: 

In Baba’s defense, it’s better to eat bananas than go bananas while you’re on house arrest.