Very recently, I came across a video of Babil Khan being nice to paparazzi. I later realized that there are ten similar videos of him being nice to people, in general. And that, for some reason, requires acknowledgement – because it’s such a rare trait these days. Specifically when it comes from someone who also understands, sees and acknowledges his privilege. Some people also think he’s like a man written by a woman. Others love him, just because —

The consensus is that Babil Khan is a sweet sweet man, and all these times are proof:

1. When (and how) he met the paparazzi.

Recently, Babil Khan got all excited after seeing the paps who were waiting for him. He talked to them, greeted them, asked them how they were. And this was all very rare. Sure, we need to humanize celebrities and understand that they can have days where they do not want to be photographed. But we also need to respect paparazzi who are just doing their work (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone). So, this acknowledgement was a sweet gesture.

But this wasn’t a one time thing – this is how he meets media-persons, or anyone, for that matter. It’s just how he is.

2. When he adorably called his mom to clarify a doubt, at an event.

During the IIFA awards, Babil was interacting with the reporters and anchors present at the event. When asked about his guilty pleasure, he couldn’t stop talking about Pakistani dramas. He then tried to recall a name and went, “Mumma, mumma!” – like all of us do. It was probably the most adorable moment at the awards ceremony. Oh, and the show he was talking about is called Tere Bin.

Also, just leaving this video here:

3. When he read his piece as an ode to Irrfan.

The actor recently read a piece at the Kommune’s Spoken Fest’ 22, and it was touching. He shared anecdotes about Irrfan and talked about his side that we didn’t know of. But he also opened up about honest feelings, of times when we feel distanced from our parents because we have our own lives. His tribute was honest, real and so full of love.


4. When he sat down and interacted with a little girl, who’s a fan.

‘Babil Khan interaction’ videos are a genre, at this point. They’re sweet, funny and very wholesome. But the thing that stays constant with him, is that he’s humble when he meets people. Like this one time, when he literally sat down to talk to a little girl. Of course, it’s nothing that requires glorification. But humility is such a rare characteristic these days, that we cannot not acknowledge this gesture.

Babil Khan

5. When he made sure to give everybody selfies.

Now, it’s understandably a lot of pressure for actors and actresses to always smile for photographs when they’re out. But it honestly looks like Babil makes sure to make people feel seen, which is quite sweet. While entering for a red carpet event, he took selfies and interacted with every fan who was standing in line to meet him. This was again, very humble and we cannot easily get over these little gestures that he does.

6. When he credited his mother for his work… when he also credited his mother for his father’s success.

Babil Khan also humanized winning an award as an actor when he read his bittersweet speech at the IIFA awards. He talked about Irrfan, his career and journey. The actor also talked about his mother, and what losing Irrfan, and being at the awards without him meant for her. He also went on to say how his father did great things (and work), but he missed out on crediting the woman who made him that person – Sutapa, his wife.

7. When he asked a mediaperson not to call him “sir”.

Recently, while being photographed, Babil first apologized mediapersons present at the venue for being late. When they were calling him, “sir”, and asking him to pose, he asked a person to not do that. Someone else asked if they can call him bhai, he nodded and said yes. It’s refreshing to see these actions, where he not only acknowledges his privilege, but also stays grounded.

8. When he posts (literal) cute videos.

Babil also has a very evident obsession with a baby lens filter, and he often posts videos using it. Like this one time where he shared life advice with the filter on. Ironical. But that’s just Babil Khan, being, well, Babil.

This man is a unicorn, and we need to protect him at all costs. *Smiles in simp*