With the upcoming release of the film Kesari, a film about deep-rooted Sikh pride, one would hope that Bollywood has upgraded its stereotypical portrayal of Sikh characters. Unfortunately, the film industry still hasn’t gotten over the caricaturesque portrayal of Sikhs. And comedian Jaspreet Singh breaks down exactly how.

First of all, what’s with all this vortex of energy sprouting from any given Sardar character in a Bollywood film?

Accuracy when it comes to Sardars is just not Bollywood’s thing.

It’s still all about the quips and punchlines.

And an annoying eccentricity which has no explanation whatsoever.

The worst is when they’re simply reduced to a punchline. Like literally every Sardar played by Johny Lever.

Worst still is how being a Sikh is the go-to disguise in Hindi cinema and how it changes the entire persona of the character, and not just the looks.

While Bollywood is evolving, slowly but surely, we still have a long way to go. Watch the full video for Jaspreet Singh’s take on the caricaturesque appropriation of Sikhism in Bollywood. Hilariously nailing the casual racism we’re so familiar with, yet don’t pay heed to.