With cinema, it takes some real cojones to be banned – and I don’t mean literally showing someone’s balls, that’s all well and good. Over the decades, films have been banned for showing some truly terrifying content, especially in the genre of horror. We already did one list of some of those notorious movies. Here are some more.

1. The Last House on the Left

Exploitation films are usually panned by critics but eaten up by the masses. This 1974 film however, was actually critically acclaimed, but it was also banned due to its graphic depictions of violence and sexual abuse. The story follows 2 teenage girls who are sexually tortured and killed, and the their parents’ revenge on the attackers. 

Bloody Disgusting

2. The Evil Dead

The legendary saga of Ash Williams began with this cult classic in 1981. It shocked viewers with its over-the-top zombie gore and scenes of constant dismemberment, and was banned in Germany, Iceland, Finland, Ukraine, Singapore, and the UK. It even has a spin-off TV show from recent years.

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3. The Exorcist

Yeah, the film that became a phenomenon and is still a horror staple to this day, was actually banned in the UK for 20 years. Proof that banning something almost always makes it more popular. 

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4. Faces of Death

This 1978 ‘documentary’ was actually a horror film made to look like real life, which depicted a range of people in the process of dying. At one point or another, it was banned in 46 countries, including Australia, Norway, New Zealand, and Finland.

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5. Absurd

This 1981 Italian film is about a madman who can heal any wound, being pursued by a priest out to stop him at any cost. It was banned in the UK for its brutality and increasingly violent scenes. 

Morbidly Beautiful

6. Visiting Hours

This film from 1982 is about a women’s rights activist who becomes the target of a vicious stalker. Having survived one attack, she falls victim again. It was banned in the UK.


7. The Devils

A dramatised version of a real-life Priest’s life, this 1971 film depicted all kinds of material that was considered blasphemous, such as nuns engaging in sordid sexual activity. It was banned in Italy, Ireland, Chile, New Zealand, and Finland.


8. Thriller: A Cruel Picture 

This 1973 Swedish film is a revenge saga about a mute young woman who takes violent revenge on those who assaulted her. With a high degree of sexual material and violence, it was banned in Sweden, Finland, and New Zealand.


9. Antichrist

Directed by the notorious Lars Von Trier, this film stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a couple indulging in some truly questionable shit, including genital mutilation. It was banned in France, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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