Gore horror films are the couch potato version of ‘ aaj kuch toofani karte hain!’

This bloody (literally) genre inflicts viewers with graphic visuals. Guts are spilled, eye balls are spliced out with surgical knives, the human anatomy is split wide open to give us a closer look at the organs in our body. However, these also have a cult following and include some of the best stuff you can watch with your friends on night-outs.

Here’s a list of 25 gut-wrenching films, which make you question as to how much is too much?

1. Requiem for a Dream (USA), 2000

Not much for blood or gore, but this is one harrowing movie about a couple of drug-peddlers, a sex worker and an elderly woman hell-bent on losing weight via ‘diet pills’. Deeply depressing.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

2. The Evil Dead (USA, 1982 & 2013)

One of the pioneers of the gore genre, the original catapulted Sam Raimi into the spotlight. It’s about five friends who head to a house and are hunted by demons.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

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3. Saw series (2003-2010)

The first film was a massive surprise for most, however it gave birth to a series that was steadily on a decline – however, the gore quotient kept increasing in each film. Centered around a killer named ‘Jigsaw’ – these spill plenty of blood.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

4. A Serbian Film (Serbia, 2010)

This film is an advertisement for necrophilia and pedophilia themed ‘snuff film’. An aging porn star agrees to be a part of an snuff film posing as an ‘art film’ and the terrible events that transpire after that.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

5. Tokyo Gore Police (Japan, 2008)

Set in the future, this is a story of Ruka (a private policewoman) who wants to avenge her father’s assassination with a samurai sword. The antagonists in this movie known as the ‘Engineers’ possess the ability to convert an injury to a weapon. Go figure!

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

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6. Martyrs (France, 2008)

Widely declared as one of the most ferocious horror films ever to be made, this film follows two girls, both victims of abuse in their childhood, as they push themselves into a living hell.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

7. Cannibal Holocaust (USA, 1980)

Featuring on a wide variety of lists of the most terrifying films, this one has been titled as the most controversial film of 20th century by Entertainment Weekly for its gruesome sexual violence and animal slaughter. Some cite the film tried to rationalize ultra-violence.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

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8. Hostel (USA, 2005)

Eli Roth terrified backpackers across Europe forever – when he made this movie. It follows three American backpackers as they land in a Slovak city – where they check into a ‘Hostel’. No idea that the guests at the Hostel are drugged and served up for slaughter for a crime syndicate. It features one particular scene where a girl’s eye is taken out with scissors.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

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9. Ichi The Killer (Japan, 2001)

Cited by many as Heath Ledger’s inspiration for ‘Joker’ – this film features a repressed and a deeply psychotic killer named Ichi, who is able to inflict unimaginable levels of pain.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

10. The Human Centipede series (Netherlands, 2009 – 2011)

This Dutch film series shows a German doctor undertaking an experiment to make the first ‘human centipede’, where he kidnaps tourists and joins them surgically – anus to mouth. Yes you read that right.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

11. I Spit On Your Grave series (USA, 2010-2013)

Another story of vengeance, where a writer seeks her attackers who brutalized her and left her for dead. She plots the bloodiest revenge in film history.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

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12. Old Boy (Korea, 2004)

This film served as an inspiration for Bollywood’s Zinda – which copied the original, except toned it down several notches for the Indian audience. This revenge saga features some of the most brutal scenes – including pulling teeth out with a sledge-hammer and even using scissors to cut off one’s own tongue.


13. Antichrist (Denmark, 2009)

A couple grieving their marriage retreat to a cabin in the woods to mend their lives and their marriage, however, things go from bad to worse. Lars Von Trier gets down to the bare minimum what a marriage needs – love and understanding.

Best Gore Horror Movies To Watch

14. Battle Royale (Japan, 2000)

The film follows a bunch of 9th graders in a future Utopian Japan – who are kidnapped and locked down in an institution. Only way to survive? Kill the others and be the last one standing. This movie was cited by Quentin Tarantino as his favorite movie of the past 20 years.

best gore horror movies

15. Chopping Mall (USA, 1986)

This might be considered by some as a tacky gore horror film, it still makes the list because of its ghastly visuals. The film follows a group of teenagers stuck in a mall being chased by flesh-eating robots. Some of the thrills might look dated – however, it still managed to scare the crap out of the writer.

best gore horror movies

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16. Cannibal (Germany, 2006)

A shocking crime was exposed by the police when they caught a man for his cannibalistic obsessions, where he placed internet advertisements for victims who would serve up their own flesh.

best gore horror movies

17. Grotesque (Japan, 2009)

Starring three principal characters – a couple on their first date, and a ‘doctor’ who kidnap them, tortures them and sadistically heals them to torture them even more. It has one of the goriest scene in which a man’s intestines are hooked up to a wire and he’s asked to break free.

best gore horror movies

18. 120 days of Sodom (Italy, 1975)

After the fall of Mussolini in 1943, four fascist libertines abduct 18 teenagers (boys and girls) and subject them to 4 months of extreme violence, sadism, sexual and mental torture. It might not spill too many guts, however, it is one of the most disturbing films ever made.

best gore horror movies

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19. Cabin Fever (USA, 2002)

Eli Roth’s debut feature follows five youngsters as they head to their cabin in the woods, and a deadly flesh-eating virus attacks them much to the dismay of the homicidal locals.

best gore horror movies

20. Asylum Blackout (France, 2011)

The film follows 3 cooks, who work at an asylum for the criminally insane – and their ordeal through a night when they’re locked up with the in-mates because of a massive thunderstorm.

best gore horror movies

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21. Hatchet (USA, 2006)

This film by Adam Greene follows a group of tourists as they are making their way for the haunted swamp tour. Their evening of fun is turned in to a spook story as all the tourists are bumped off one after the other.

best gore horror movies

22. Dead Alive (USA, 1992)

The maker of the Lord Of The Rings – trilogy is behind this comic gore about a middle-aged woman, who gets bitten by a Sumatran rat monkey. She dies, and then comes back to life, when she begins killing, eating dogs, nurses, friends and neighbours.

best gore horror movies

23. Clockwork Orange (USA, 1971)

This dystopian crime film directed by Stanley Kubrick is based on the source material of Anthony Bugress’ 1962 novella of the same name. The story’s protagonist features Alex – a charismatic sociopath whose interests include – classical music, rape and ultra-violence.

best gore horror movies

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24. Reanimator (USA, 1985)

A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.

best gore horror movies

25. Wrong Turn series (USA, 2003-2014)

Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by “cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding.”

best gore horror movies

Good luck going to sleep, tonight!

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