If you think about it, so much of the inspirational information that we read online or in the headlines today is actually bare minimum decency. What do we mean when we say that? Well, every so often we read about celebs speaking highly of their wives and clean public spaces that leave us highly impressed. But, isn’t all of this normal? Isn’t speaking respectfully about your spouse and having access to well-maintained public spaces the minimum, the starting point, the base standard?

Which is why, we’ve gone ahead and curated a list of times we celebrated bare-minimum behaviour only to realise that, that’s actually supposed to be a norm. Here, take a look:

1. Men being kind to their spouses during child-birth

I think we’ve all heard stories of how many men have a ‘hard time’ supporting their partners through child-birth. And how they often end up complaining about their lack of sleep and rest throughout the process; come on! The least a person can do for their spouse is support them during such an exhausting, and physically traumatic process.

2. Bengaluru police helping a man get his phone & laptop

According to a Reddit post by u/jagdishkhan recently, a laptop and phone of his were retrieved all thanks to the Bengaluru police. But guys, that’s the kind of stuff the police is supposed do for the janta, no?

bare, minimum
Credit: Reddit

3. When Mumbai police helped an elderly find her way

Similarly, although this case of how the Mumbai police helped an elderly find her way back home is endearing and positive, we can’t help but feel it only made its way to the headlines because such situations are fewer than we like to admit.


4. Ayushmann Khurrana disclosing he is married at the beginning of his acting career

Not only has Ayushmann Khurrana time and time again spoken respectfully about his wife Tahira Kashyap, he chose to disclose that he was married, since the very beginning of his career. And while all of this is worth speaking about and recognising, how did being a decent human being and respecting your partner become so special (for a lack of a better word)?


5. Indian spaces that are just now starting to create baby feeding rooms

Women have been fighting for the right and freedom to be able to breastfeed in public spaces, for years now. Sure, we’re happy that more and more Indian public spaces are getting baby feeding rooms, but this is a necessity, a bare-minimum, we should’ve gotten this long ago!


6. Virat Kohli calling Anushka after his match

When Virat Kohli was seen video calling his wife Anushka Sharma after a match, it pretty much broke the internet. But, what’s the big deal (don’t get us wrong, we still love Virat and Anushka)? Don’t we all call our loved ones during a big moment in life?


7. Railway stations and other public places being cleaned and sanitised 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we supposed to have access to clean public spaces, all the time? Isn’t that a minimum to lead a healthy life? I mean, yes we’re happy that the authorities took initiative and made train stations safer and cleaner during Covid-19, but that was the least we needed as a society. There was a lot worse that was transpiring during the pandemic.

8. Autistic and differently abled individuals and employment

It’s really not enough that differently abled and neurodivergent people are given an opportunity for work. Because true inclusivity means that we create space for differently abled and neurodivergent people by reforming society in a serious way.

How about while celebrating these moments, we also expect more of this goodness from the world?