Bear Grylls: the world’s foremost survivalist, dauntless explorer and a man who fears nothing. From rappeling down the gnarliest terrains to trysts with boarish wildlife, no challenge is too big for Grylls. I mean the man shattered his vertebrae in a free-fall parachuting accident and the following year went on to become one of the youngest climbers to ever summit Mount Everest. Long story short, he’s a slut for adventure. 

Bear Grylls has survived the coldest tundras, feasted on sheep’s eyeballs and drank his own urine from inside a snake’s carcass, but never in his wildest imagination has he fathomed such a vicious encounter. This year he comes face to face with his most savage beast yet: Ranveer Singh. 

Man can outrun a lion, but how the fuck can you outrun this?

What was Ranveer thinking? This is a former British military intelligence officer heavily trained in unarmed combat, desert and winter warfare and explosives management. He has a wife and three kids. And our desi aspiring Harry Styles decided to assault him with sloppy wet kisses? Grylls could’ve snapped him in half with his naked hands if he wanted to.

Ranveer v/s Wild

Obviously, Twitter had a field day with this clip:

…And that’s why kids, consent is king.