There’s no doubt that as soon as The Matrix Resurrections was announced, the fans of this long-awaited movie just couldn’t keep calm. The groundbreaking franchise is loved by the fans of sci-fi and action across the world. When the fourth instalment of the series came out, fans were excited about Neo returning, of course, but also about getting a chance to see our desi girl aka Priyanka Chopra in action.

But did you know that long before Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta was approached for The Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions? Yes, that's correct!

However, she turned down the offer.

Apparently, the actress was offered the role during her modelling days. The rumours had it that she declined the role as she wasn’t very happy with the script. The character she was offered, Persephone, was later portrayed by Monica Bellucci.

Lara Dutta Was Offered A Part In 'The Matrix' Franchise
Source: Reddit

However, in an interview with Hindustan Times, she cleared the rumours by clarifying that she couldn’t play the role at that time because her mother had fallen ill and she had to come back to be with her mother.

It was a tough time. I had not even started out in Bollywood. But I was very clear about what I wanted in life. Everything else came second, I just had to be with my mother at the time. I did not even think twice and came back to India. And, it wasn’t like I came here thinking we have Bollywood (as a backup, since I gave up on a huge Hollywood opportunity). I just had to be with my mother at the time since she was unwell, extremely unwell. Therefore I did not even think twice and came back to India.

                    - Lara Dutta

It would have been epic to watch Lara Dutta in this classic franchise, right?