If you too have been waiting for the final premiere of Money Heist and wondering how you will get over the thrill and adrenaline rush you get on watching the show after it ends, well, we have some good news. Netflix announced that we will get a new show titled Berlin that will release in 2023. Here’s to more of the charms of Alvaro Morte aka Andrés de Fonollosa!

Netflix didn’t give any details about the spinoff other than that Berlin will be centered around the the second-in-command of the Royal Mint of Spain heist, Andrés de Fonollosa. He was the one who planned the Bank of Spain heist, which he shared with his brother, The Professor, and Palermo.


Although Berlin may come across as a cold sociopath, his charisma and leadership spirit made him a popular character among the Money Heist fan base. being terminally ill, he decided to sacrifice himself in the second season when he tried to buy time so that the gang could escape and won over the fans of the show. 


The unpredictable and intelligent Berlin technically never left the show, as even after his death, his popularity kept him in the show as we see him in flashbacks every now and then. And we were so blown over by the story of his love, marriage to Tatiana and son that Netflix gave us this treat in form of this announcement. It’s heist time again!

The Nation Roar

The Money Heist universe is expanding, and a Korean adaptation of the show is on the way too. Squid Game’s  Park Hae-soo, who played the manipulative Cho Sang-woo, is roped in as Berlin. Is there something with Hae-soo playing the charming bad boys?

Well, even if the spinoff is quite far away, we know none of us can keep calm. But we have the part 2 of Money Heist’s final season yet to release on December 3, so life has given us something to look forward to. Not omicron, though.