Diversity makes this planet an interesting place to live. With Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite sweeping the awards, the barriers of language and unfamiliar cultures are now a thing of the past. 

But where the movie worked wonders for people globally, the name of the director struck a rather homely feeling for the Bengali community back in India. 


After his movie secured 4 Oscars, Bong Joon Ho’s name started trending on social media and the first ones to take notice were Bongs. 

Celebrating the feat as their own success, the people of Bengali origins were exhilarated with the success of another ‘Bong’.  

They soon started celebrating the South Korean’s feat, as their own, on social media: 

Even though the whole thing started as a PJ, the ever-so-excited Bongs made the most of their South Korean brother’s success. 

At least they can relate to his “bloody ready to drink” comments seriously.