The most awaited and final season of Money Heist just released. It did put an end to the heist and gave us an adrenaline rush throughout.

The Professor and gang went through a lot of turns and twists but the plans, oops I mean the back up plans always worked. While Sergio (the Professor) was the mastermind behind the Bank of Spain Heist, the one character who surprisingly became the hero of the entire robbery is Benjamin.

Most of us wouldn’t have thought about him as a main character when he was first introduced to the audience in Season 4.  An expert miner who worked with Moscow (Denver’s fathers) and ended up in prison with him as well, Benjamin joins the Bank of Spain heist on the outside, helping the Professor to execute the Paris plan.

We get to know about him when Denver and Moscow request the Professor to include Manila (Julia), Benjamin’s daughter in the heist. She had transitioned from Juan to Julia, making her the first transgender character in the series.

To begin with, Benjamin was not accepting of the fact that his child was transgender. But later in the show (finale season) when the Professor goes to the Bank of Spain leaving Benjamin and Alicia incharge of finding the stolen gold, he asks the Professor to tell his daughter that he loved her.

When Marsaille gets all pink things for Victoria (Alicia’s baby) Benjamin protests.

He might have been working on the outside, but the elderly man, always comes to the Professor’s rescue. I doubt if the heist would have been successful without him.

He was the main man who made Lisbon’s escape possible. He made the escape point from a Chinese restaurant to the Supreme court to save Lisbon and tricked the police dressed as a common man.

In the season finale, he is always by the Professor’s side. When a traumatised Professor locks himself in the bathroom after Tokyo’s death, Benjamin tries to calm him down.

From preparing the stormwater tank to taking charge of the situation in Professor’s absence, Benjamin does so much more than he is expected to do.

And then when the gold finally comes out, he is the first one to witness the success of the heist, with all his men at work.

Benjamin is an all-in-one package. The Professor could trust him in the worst possible scenarios. He even makes it possible for the Professor to escape in a garbage truck by kidnapping truck drivers and doesn’t even think for a moment before fighting the police.

In the final faceoff, when the Professor goes to the Bank of Spain, he tells Alicia that Benjamin and men are the best he has. Benjamin along with Alicia finally find the stolen gold.

From the beginning of Paris Plan to the end of the heist, Benjamin has been the constant, this show needed. He didn’t let Professor’s absence fail the entire plan, or should I say, he was always the backup plan?

Oh and did you notice, he did all this without a name? Yeah names of cities like Berlin, Lisbon, etc.

What a hero!

All images are screenshots from Netflix.