Like any other year, 2021 was an excellent year to be a fan of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Along with making us proud with their music and achievements, the k-pop idols also provided us with entertainment. And there is no denying that BTS are an instant serotonin boost for ARMY. 

To relive all the glory of this year, we have dug out a few moments among many that would qualify as the finest BTS’ moments.   


Here is a round up the best moments of Bangtan we’ve been blessed with.

1. When Jin threatened Na Young Suk, a variety show host, with ARMY power

Seokjin threatening the show host of The Game Caterers was the most Jin thing he could do. During a game, the BTS members were failing miserably at recognising world famous celebs and losing delicious food for their barbeque. When finally Jungkook uttered the correct answer he lost points for mispronunciation. Following this, Jin goes on to say, “If you don’t accept this, ARMY will go after you”. 

ARMY always calls the shots!   

2. When J-Hope ran like the wind

We all know that J-Hope gets a little jumpy. But watching him run barefoot for his life in this Run BTS episode was not something we were ready for.  

3. V hates commercials and it shows

V hating on commercials was one of the most relatable moments from 2021. When an ad interrupted his YouTube video, he was just not having it. 

We feel you, Tae. 

4. When Suga was the cutest kitten on the internet

One of those rare moments where Suga does Aegyo. The real fan-service. 

5. J-Hope’s splash attack 

This clip took me back to the Run BTS episode where J-Hope was constantly sprayed with water. BTS did him dirty.  

6. When Jungkook guessed the correct song 

In a Run BTS episode, V played the tune of their song UGH! on harmonica and it took JK only a few seconds to answer. Also, what a passionate performance by Tae hyung. 

7. The members said ‘I love you’ to each other

Suga cringed so hard at this moment but we all know he loves them too. 

8. Suk Han-sung, is that you?

V just couldn’t put the sword into the scabbard. All those episodes of Hwarang did nothing for you?

9. BTS’ ‘important business’

When BTS was playing Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions, they came across a question where a fan asked if they get along. And the members had to give the most hilarious response to that.  

10. When BTS made it clear that they won’t be at your birthday party 

In the same game show, the band was asked if they could attend a fan’s birthday party. And Jin was quick to give the most blunt answer. 

Jin, why would you hurt us like that? 

11. When Jungkook crooned Heartbeat 

What could be better than JK performing for us on vlive?

12. When BTS responded to rumours on the Jimmy Fallon show 

The whole segment was so chaotic.  

13. When we got THIS Butter MV 

We all loved BTS in Butter until we saw this. 

14. When they wished Happy Birthday to an insect

So we know that Namjoon talks to crabs but the other members are no different. 

15. When J-Hope was trying so hard not to burp on a live

Jin just found the right opportunity to tease J-Hope. 

16. When BTS mimicked Jimin at the Permission To Dance Live On Stage concert

V and Jin clowning Jimin over the Save Me step was the highlight of the event. I can’t with them!

17. When they confirmed they were working on a new album… or did they?

A interviewer asked BTS to blink twice if they were working on a new album. And they did what’s most expected from them. 

18. When RM was so offended over the ARMY remark

BTS’ leader probably came across comments where ARMY were called Bots and he didn’t hold back from debunking that. 

If you mess with ARMY, you’re messing with BTS too!

19. When RM caught James Corden off guard

During their appearance on James’ talk show, Namjoon asked him about the time he was in ‘hot water’ with ARMY. And we totally love what followed. 

20. When Jungkook was super confused on vlive

Jungkook was left baffled when ARMY requested him to sing Paradise. And he couldn’t believe they have such a song in their discography. Finally, he Googled the Korean name. 

21. When a ARMY performed in front of BTS

A fangirl, who went viral for her dance cover of Mic Drop, got the chance to meet BTS on You Quiz On The Block. And she turned them into her fanboys. 

These boys know how to have fun.