Hindi cinema has given us some amazing child actors in 2021. It won’t be wrong to say that they impressed us with their performances no matter what the premise or situation was.

While some of them gave us fun moments to laugh, others pulled off serious scenes so efficiently. 

1. Vedant Sinha in The Family Man Season 2

Playing the role of Manoj Bajpayee’s son, Atharv, Vedant Sinha was the star of the show. He added fun to the series even in some of the most serious moments.

His character is so well-written throught the two seasons of the show that the audience instantly falls in love with his quirks and random questions and observations.

2. Inayat Verma in Ajeeb Daastans

We’ve seen the 9-year-old stealing our hearts in Ludo as Mini in 2020. This year too, the kid made an impressive impact on the audience with her performance in Khilauna segment of the anthology film Ajeeb Daastans. She plays the role of Binny, Nusrat’s little sister.

3. Sachin Chaudhary in Pagglait

The 15-year-old played the role of Achint (Tulika’s son) in Pagglait. He managed to grab everyone’s attention even with little screen time. His dialogues bring a smile on your face even when the entire movie is based on a serious topic.

Besides Pagglait, he was also seen in Bombay Begums as Amruta Subash’s son. He pulls off a tensed scene with his mother who is struggling to raise her.

4. Ashlesha Thakur in The Family Man Season 2 and Pagglait

The actor played her role as Dhriti (Manoj Bajpayee’s daughter) convincingly well in The Family Man and was also seen for a brief role in Pagglait where she plays the role of Aditi (Tarun’s daughter).

5. Pratyaksh Panwar in Aarya

He appeared in the show as Aarya and Tej’s youngest son Aditya aka Adi. It was a pleasure to watch him as his character gets everyone to notice that when something major happens in the family, it also affects the children.

6. Aadhya Anand in Bombay Begums

Barely 16, Aadhya has already done numerous stage and movie appearances and has won laurels.  A Yellow Bird, one of the Singaporen films she acted in, made it to the Cannes Film festival. In Bombay Begums, she played the role of Shai, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

These talented child and teen actors are sure to change the face of Bollywood through their authentic and stellar performances.