Good heavens, this show! Fleabag made our hearts quiver and brains wander by casting Andrew Scott as an unnamed ‘hot priest’ in season 2 who successfully did two things- a. Preach the word of God and b. Make our ovaries explode.

The excruciatingly charming priest is witty and intuitive and if we say we were simply gushing over him, it would perhaps be an understatement.

After binge-watching the orgasm-inducing moments of the hot priest, we bring to you the tantalizing moments that prove he’s the ‘father’ women truly crave.

1. The moment Fleabag thought she was insignificant to the family dinner, the priest (supremely charming) just gave a purpose to attend the gathering. 

Just a question and we screamed THEY ARE MEANT TO BE.  

2. When the priest casually told Fleabag that she was in his prayers the previous night.

Two seconds ago she’d admitted that she was an atheist but the priest was all she’d been praying for since the time they met. Cue Fleabag realising, ‘Oh God, I fancy a priest.’

3. The first touch. 

‘oooh’- That’s it. That’s literally it.

4. Fleabag cleverly plugs in the topic of God in front of the priest, displaying her frustration.

Can’t lie I could watch him all day as his eyes gleamed while talking about God or… the fox. 

5. The priest breaks the fourth wall and finally notices Fleabag talking to the audience- something that no other character in the show has ever seen. 

We knew he was here to f-king stay. 

6. When Fleabag accidentally says his beautiful neck aloud while swooning over it.

That neck, though. 

7. Watching the priest giggle to himself- after Fleabag stood up to say what she did- was the sexiest thing ever.

I’d be lying if I said we didn’t know the mere thought of the hot priest thinking about her tits made Fleabag orgasm.

8. Fleabag admits she’s looking for a surrender, gets vulnerable, and she’s been asked to kneel by the priest. 

When they winded up in a steamy make-out in the midst of the church, I literally gasped.

9. Just another instance of the priest being flirty and equally drawn towards Fleabag.

There, he said it. 

10. He warns Fleabag about the consequences of their intimacy, which was probably an attempt to make himself understand.

He says this before the inevitable sex happens, of course.

11. When the priest reinterprets the meaning of love (and how terrible it is to love someone). 

I am not crying, you are. 

12. When the priest responded to Fleabag’s confession of love by saying, ‘it’ll pass’ while knowing that it never does. 

My heart didn’t soar but twinge in pain. 

Out of all the unavailable men we’ve ever been fascinated with, this one ranks first.