A Bollywood film that focuses on ‘lavender marriage’ is finally here and it’s winning everyone’s hearts. Badhaai Do starring Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar in lead roles is being praised for its real and relatable portrayal of sexuality, marriages, having kids, and the overall mentality of society.

The film has its shortcomings but refreshing moments like these are giving us hope from Bollywood in future.

1. When Sumi tells Rimjhim that they do not need to make their families or anybody else understand their sexuality.

Sumi tells Rimjhim that she married Shardul under family pressure so that both of them do not have to disclose their sexual identities to their families. Rimjhim tells her that she came out to her parents expecting they would understand, but they didn’t. To this Sumi replied,

Koi nahi samajhta hai yaar. Hum different hai na toh unhe lagta hai hum pervert hai. Aur samjhana bhi kyun hai. Humari life ka hissa hai, poori life thode hai.

2. When Sumi expresses her desire to have a child and Rimjhim asks her to go for IVF since she is married, Sumi says she will rather adopt one.

Adopt karungi yaar. Ek bache ko ghar bhi mil jayega aur mera sapna bhi poora ho jayega.

3. When Shardul comes out in front of his entire family while also defending Sumi.

Shardul’s mother catches Sumi and Rimjhim getting intimate in their room. His family thinks that Sumi was taking advantage of Shardul and calls her a pervert and sick. This is when Shardul decides to defend Sumi and also comes out as gay.

4. When Shardul puts on a rainbow mask while maintaining law and order during a pride parade.

Shardul is shown hesitant of accepting his sexuality in public throughout the film. Mostly because he is a police officer. But this one time he let go of his inhibitions. His gesture and actions speak of the freedom he enjoys once he accepts himself.


5. When Shardul and Sumi tell their families that they are not getting divorced and would stay together like a normal couple because they want to adopt a child.

Shardul and Sumi decide against getting divorced because their adoption application got approved. They chose to stay together and raise a child.

Hum saath rahenge pehle ki jaise. Husband wife ki tarah… Kyunki hum dono bacha chahte hai, hum bacha adopt kar rahe hai. 

6. When Sumi’s father asks Rimjhim to go sit with her in the pooja.

Shardul and Sumi adopt a child and organise a small pooja for the same. The pandit performing the pooja assumes that Shardul and Sumi are a couple and makes Rimjhim feel a little awkward. She leaves the pooja and watches from a distance. This is when Sumi’s father does something incredible. He asks Rimjhim to go sit with Sumi.

Rimjhim, jao Sumi ke sath baitho.

When Rimjhim hesitates, he insists:

Jao, baitho. Maa ka hona jaruri hota hai pooja mein.

Sumi and her dad also share an emotional moment of acceptance.

7. When Shardul calls Tytler to sit with him in the pooja as his partner.

In this heartwarming moment, all four of them – Shardul, Tytler, Sumi, and Rimjhim sit together in the pooja and they have their family’s acceptance.


Have you watched it yet? Which was your favourite moment?