Dasvi, starring Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur in the primary roles, is a light social comedy that will leave you with a smile. The film revolves around the theme of valuing education, while also focusing on politics in small cities in the country. It isn’t exactly preachy and manages to stick to the theme – with instances that shed light on the need and right to education.


And, here are some moments from the film that prove – we can learn from anyone and anyplace.

1. When Ghanti and other jail inmates become Ganga Ram Chaudhary’s tutors.

In the film, Ganga Ram Chaudhary decides on appearing for the board exams, but it doesn’t come with the easiest journey. When he realises that he needs help with the subjects, he asks Ghanti and the other inmates to tutor him. Not only do they teach him the subject, but also do so in ways that Ganga Ram would understand – with situations and references from his own life.  


2. IPS Jyoti Deswal asks Ganga Ram Chaudhary to help Prem.

The equation between Yami Gautam’s character IPS Jyoti and Ganga Ram Chaudhary is a mix of sweet and salty – more salty. But when Jyoti asks him to help Prem, she also learns a different approach to resolve disputes. Jyoti even questions him to understand how he managed to convince Prem’s in-laws to overcome the caste disputes, and he goes on to tell her about his ways – something that is different yet effective. And, Jyoti in turn learns a little something from Ganga Ram – definitely not how we expected it to be.

Kuchh manne bada maane hain, toh maine unhe samjhaya ki time badal rha hai. Aur, kuchh ke kaale kaarnamo ki janam patri thi mere pass.

-Ganga Ram Chaudhary


3. Bimla Devi Chaudhary becomes a powerful leader.

Bimla or Bimmo is shown as a quiet and pressured wife of the Chief Minister, who hardly shows disagreement. While the film takes it course, we can see her transform from a wife to a leader, who demands respect. This, she learns from the people around her, including her secretary, Ganga Ram and even the circumstances that she’s put in. 


4. When Jyoti helps Ganga Ram Chaudhary with Hindi.

Ganga Ram Chaudhary struggles with Hindi, the entire time he prepares for the board exams. But even while doing so, he doesn’t imagine taking help from someone he considers his ‘nemesis’. When he finally asks Jyoti for help, she doesn’t give him a hard time, knowing that it is the right thing to do. And Ganga Ram, who’s shown too arrogant to take help from a woman, that too someone he dislikes, ends up considering her a guru.


5. Satpal Tomar becomes a little honest at being a police officer, along the way.

Manu Rishi’s character, Satpal Tomar is shown as a police officer, who’s not the most honest among the lot. He starts by with giving Ganga Ram special treatment after he’s remanded to judicial custody but soon, that changes. Satpal reports to Jyoti, as a junior and hence he’s forced to change his act. The police officer, who had been lying, subtly learns to be better at his job, just by doing the duty that he’s supposed to.


6. Ganga Ram Chaudhary learns to value education.

The film starts off with Ganga Ram Chaudhary making fun of his secretary, who’s an educated IAS officer. But by the end, we see a newer version of him – whose manifesto includes providing free education to children. He learns all of it, during his time in jail. So, a place that was supposed to be temporary and a punishment, also becomes a new journey in itself. It’s just an example that people can learn from anyone and anywhere.


Dasvi is like dasvi ka board indeed – about learning too much in too little time.