When Jab We Met released in 2007, no one thought it would go on to become one of the most defining romances of our generation. And here are some of the most memorable moments from the film: 

1. When Geet is introduced, rushing to catch a train, and talking at the speed at which the train is moving. 

Bollywood has a fair share of legendary introductions but Geet rushing to get on the train, pushing a truckload of luggage before she gets on, and speaking 100 words a mile, is nothing short of legendary.

Twitter/Shashwat Shukla

2. When Geet misses her train, despite the crazy train ride. 

Geet first misses her train because she is trying to help a co-passenger she just met – Aditya. But after a crazy ride that showcases Brijendra Kala’s epic comic timing, Geet reaches the station – only to miss her flight, yet again. Her expression when she realizes this is not just hilariously accurate, but also, worthy of becoming a meme! 


3. Geet’s epic, one-for-the-books response to the station master’s unsolicited advice. 

If there was ever a competition for the most sick burn ever served, Geet’s response to the station master’s unsolicited advice on “akeli ladki” would win the award, hands down! 

4. The entire scene featuring Hotel Decent, but especially Geet’s ‘breakup-mantra’.

From the time Geet and Aditya roam “Ratlam ki galiyan” to the check-in at Hotel Decent, to Geet’s advice to Aditya on how to move on from his ex (yes, burning your ex’s photo is therapeutic), the entire scenario is hilarious, adorable, and just one of the reasons why we love this film. Though Geet’s admission of self-love (“main apni favourite hoon”) is also one of the best things about the scene. And what even true fans may not know is that the actor who played the receptionist at Hotel Decent was actually the film’s art director, Teddy Maurya.  


5. When Aditya discloses his past and Geet reminds him that love is not bound by arbitrary social norms.

While most of the first half is full of light-hearted moments, this scene was a reminder that Geet wasn’t impetuous or naive – she just viewed the world differently than most other people. Also, kudos to Geet for standing up for another woman! 


6. When Aditya is over-fed by Geet’s family because let’s face it, that’s every Punjabi family ever. 

What made Jab We Met such a hit were the relatable and realistic scenes interspersed between Geet and Aditya’s love story. Like Geet’s family patriarch jinhe pehli nazar mein hi sab pata chal jata tha. And of course, Geet’s family who don’t just feed Aditya but rather over-feed him out of courtesy. Because desi families love language is feeding people food. 

7. Geet and Aditya’s tête-à-tête over a tyre in the fields. 

The entire conversation shows how the two have gradually moved on from acquaintances to friendship. It also has destroyed the idea of having secret conversations anywhere apart from open fields!


8. When Geet announces, “main toh bhag rahi hun” and then Aditya and Geet run together. 

After her plan to not marry Manjeet by pretending to date Aditya goes awry, Geet decides to run away, and Aditya is her almost unwitting companion. 

9. When Geet tells Aditya why she lives life on her own terms. 

10. The entire song sequence of Yeh Ishq Haaye. 

While the film’s entire soundtrack is one for the ages, everything about this song, from the lyrics to the setting to the choreography, is ab absolute delight. It’s also one of the happier songs to play, even as the hero experiences the pain of unrequited love.

11. When Aditya accepts his mother for finding love, and reinstates her in the company. 

Aditya’s meeting with Geet changes him for the better and allows him to be hopeful and more understanding. And thus, he not only gives his mom the respect she deserves as a company’s owner/partner but also, forgives her and attempts to mend their relationship. 

12. When Geet’s father and uncle meet Aditya and the ultimate scene-stealer Pawan Malhotra shouts, “Assi khote hain”. 

Honestly, this scene is here just for Pawan Malhotra! But also because, this was the twist that no one, Aditya, or the audience, was expecting – that Geet and Anshuman aren’t together. 


13. When Geet shouts at Anshuman. Hell yeah, woman!

Do I even need to explain why this scene is here?

14. *That* hug between Geet and Aditya. 

Right after shouting at Anshuman and taking the first step in ridding herself of his baggage, Geet hugs Aditya out of relief – and just for a moment, it turns into something more than just a normal hug. And that moment, had everything – from warmth to sexual tension to chemistry to romance. Despite the absence of cheesy dialogues or overtly sexual gestures, this scene is one of the most romantic fictional moments. 


15. When Aditya served this underrated gem on unrequited love and everlasting friendships. 

16. When Anshuman didn’t want to go see “ganne ke khet”. 

In a classic comedy of errors, Geet’s family mistakes Aditya to be her husband and Anshuman to be Aditya’s friend. And while they try catering to him, he makes it clear – he’s had enough! (Honestly, while we have all wondered what did Geet ever see in him, his frustration is valid). 

17. When Geet and Aditya get together, finally. 

Cue *Mauja hi mauja*.

Time to binge-watch the film, yet again!