It’s just too hard not to watch a Koffee With Karan episode, then and there. So, at midnight, when the eighth episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 aired, there was already too much that we were waiting to find out. Specifically with that Sid-Kiara tease. 


Needless to say, there were revelations. But there was also a lot of warmth on the couch — like a perfect blend of sweet and sour. And well, we like it, just like that. 

1. When Kiara admitted bitchslapping Shahid (in her head). I mean, 8 hours… who wouldn’t?

2. When Shahid teased the probable proposal of the year. We’re hearing wedding bells.

3. When Kiara revealed her most embarrassing moment in front of the world. With a director. Oof.

4. When Shahid revealed Mira’s reaction to Shaandaar. Feels like quite the burn. 

5. When Kiara talked about her friendship with Shahid, and they shared the most genuine moment on the show.

6. When Shahid, like a bestie, told Kiara to be a little mean. To add some mirchi, you see. 

7. When Kiara blushingly admitted that she’s liked all the gifts that Sidharth has given her. And now we’re blushing too.

8. When Shahid was the best older brother on the show. Too much love to contain. 

9. When Shahid said that they might just plan on performing at ‘the wedding’. 

10. And then they did. There’s a dance-off and everything planned. 

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