Needless to say, this article is full of spoilers. So don't scroll down if you haven't seen it yet. 

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The series finale of Game of Thrones ended today. And while many may not agree with how the season went, this episode felt very satisfying and gave closure to a lot of us.

1. Jon tries to stop Grey Worm but the latter kills the remaining Lannister soldiers on Dany's orders. 

As Jon walks through the remains of King's Landing, he sees Grey Worm and the Unsullied lining up the remaining Lannister soldiers. Jon tries to stop him from killing them. 

But Grey Worm tells him that these are Dany's orders and proceeds to slaughter them. 

2. Tyrion breaks down as he finds the bodies of Jaime and Cersei under the rubble. 

After telling Jon to leave him alone, Tyrion walks through the rubble to see Jaime and Cersei escaped as planned. 

But he sees Jaime's golden hand and then starts digging, only to find Jaime and Cersei wrapped around each other in death. 

3. Dany sees herself as a liberator and now wants to release the entire world from tyranny. 

Daenerys walks to greet the Dothraki and the Unsullied and calls them the liberators of King's Landing. 

She then proceeds to tell them about her plan to take over the world, from Winterfell to Dorne and 'save the people'. 

4. Tyrion resigns from the position of Dany's Hand of the Queen and gets arrested for releasing Jaime. 

Tyrion makes his feelings about the slaughter of King's Landing very clear to Daenerys and throws away the badge of the Hand. 

Dany calls him out for committing treason by releasing Jaime and asks her men to arrest him. 

5. Jon meets Tyrion in prison and they both discuss the carnage that they just witnessed. 

Tyrion tells Jon that Varys was right. He tells him that he had betrayed the Queen and after the events of King's Landing, he would do it all over again. 

Tyrion reminds Jon of his father and his sister being evil people and yet they never murdered as many people as Dany did in just one day. Jon tries to defend Dany's situation but even he is finding it hard to believe in the words he's speaking. 

6. Tyrion tells Jon to do the right thing and stop Dany from wreaking havoc on the world. 

Tyrion reminds Jon that sometimes duty is the death of love. He tells Jon that Daenerys is the greatest threat to the people. 

7. Jon tries to convince Dany to stop and give up on the dream of making a 'good' world. 

Jon tells Dany about the little children she burnt alive. Dany tells him that they must get rid of the people who are loyal to this world so that they can build a good one. 

8. Jon Snow tells Daenerys that she'll always be his queen and then murders her. 

When Dany doesn't listen to reason, Jon tells her that she'll always be his queen and proceeds to kiss her. 

As they kiss, Jon stabs her with a knife to the heart. 

9. Drogon finds Dany's body and tries to wake her up. But after realising that she's dead, he proceeds to melt the Iron Thrones in rage. 

Drogon arrives right after Dany's death and tries to wake her up. 

But after understanding that she's dead, he takes his anger out on the Iron Throne...

... and melts it. 

10. Drogon picks up Dany's lifeless corpse and takes it away with him. 

After melting the throne, Drogon looks heartbroken. He takes hold of Dany's body in his claws and leaves the place. 

11. Jon has been taken prisoner by the Unsullied who refuse to give him over. Sansa threatens them with war. 

A gathering of the Lords of Westeros is upon King's Landing to decide the fate of the 7 kingdoms and the prisoners of the Unsullied. But Grey Worm only brings out Tyrion for negotiation. Following which Sansa threatens a siege of King's Landing. 

12. Yara Greyjoy wants the Unsullied to punish Jon for murdering Daenerys but Arya asks her to shut up.

Yara Greyjoy tells the gathering that the Ironborn had not forgotten Dany's murder. She asks the gathering to let the Unsullied punish Jon. And let's just say, Arya didn't like the idea very much. 

13. Edmure Tully proposes to become the King of the 7 kingdoms but Sansa asks him to sit the hell down.

Lord of Riverrun, Edmure Tully proposes to the gathering of the Lords of Westeros to consider him as the king but Sansa commands him to sit the hell down. 

14. Tyrion suggests that Bran take the mantle of King as he has stories that bind them all together. 

Tyrion tells everyone that the one common thing they all have is stories. And stories are powerful that they cannot be stopped or defeated. So 'Bran The Broken' must be king. 

15. Tyrion also tells everyone that nepotism is the wheel they need to break. 

He tells the Lords to gather at the dragon pit in King's Landing whenever a new king is to be chosen. 

16. Samwell Tarly pitches the idea of democracy but everyone laughs it off.

Sam pitches the idea of letting the people decide who their rulers should be but gets laughed off by the Lords. 

17. Arya decides to travel and discover the lands west of Westeros. 

Arya doesn't want to settle down. 

So she sets sails and travels to discover the lands and the seas west of Westeros. 

18. Sansa declares the North to be a separate kingdom as it had been for a 1000 years and become the Queen in the North. 

After Bran is made king, Sansa asks him to release the North and with his permission declares it a separate kingdom. 

And then as Ned Stark's true daughter leads the kingdom as the Queen in the North. 

19. Samwell Tarly helps write the history of the realm following the death of King Robert Baratheon and calls it 'The Song of Ice and Fire'. 

With Tyrion as Hand, Bran the Broken begins his rule. Sam meanwhile shows the book to Tyrion about the history of Westeros that doesn't mention him at all. 

20. Jon Snow reunites with Ghost and together with the free folk, they travel beyond the wall to the true north. 

Jon Snow reunites with Ghost. 

But unlike last time, Jon shows him the love he deserves. 

Then, along with Tormund and Ghost, Jon leads the free folks beyond the wall to the true north, where they all belong. 

Damn! This has been a rollercoaster of emotions1