Disclaimer: The following article contains spoilers for Sex Education Season 2. Viewer desecration is advised as the content includes talks of triggering events and incidents. 

As the second season of the most awaited high-school drama, Sex Education made a come-back on Netflix, we can’t get enough of what can only be described the most progressive teen show of our times.


As season 2 ‘climaxed’, these were some of the best scenes from the show have really stayed with us: 

1. Maeve convincing Aimee to not take her sexual-assault lightly and report it, was the most empowering push every person in a state of shock needs. 

After a random stranger on the bus ejaculated on Aimee, she was in shock and wanted to forget all about it. But as soon as she told Maeve about this, she pushed her to do the right thing. 

2. When the lone wolf Adam found a friend in Ola. 

After Ola had Adam’s back in the store and almost ended up getting fired for him, Adam realised that he wasn’t so lonely after all. 

3. The Moordale girls empowering Aimee to face her demons while having her back is the female bonding we all need in our life. 

After the girls bonded over their shared trauma of being sexually assaulted, they helped a fellow female to confront her fear. 

4. Maeve gathered the courage to protect her little sister, at the cost of reporting her mother to Child Services. 

With a heavy heart, Maeve did what was right for her little sister after she found out that her mother relapsed. Selflessly, she gave up spending time with her mother to secure and protect her sibling’s future. 

5. Remember when Eric confronted his bully, put himself forward and unapologetically took a stand for himself? 

Adam might have been Eric’s current love interest but he was also the person who bullied him the most. With this scene, Eric established that he might love Adam but he loved himself more. This scene taught us the power of self-love. 

6. When Viv helped Jackson through a mental breakdown. 

Smothered under the pressure of his perfectionist parents, Jackson snapped and wanted to escape. He was having another breakdown and though of self-harming again but thankfully Viv entered at the right time. He confided in her as she held him through his emotional breakdown.  

7. Jean calling out Otis for always giving her his worst and taking her for granted is hard-hitting.

Jean spoke the minds of a million parents to teens when she told Otis the reason for her being upset. This goosebumps-inducing scene made me realise how my parents felt when I was a teenager. I really just wanted to apologise to them after seeing this.   

8. When students stood up in solidarity to support Jean’s practice in school, it emphasized the need for sex education in school.

While Mr. Groff was blaming Jean– the official sex education counselor for “corrupting” young minds, students from all across the auditorium shared their positive experiences with her. This scene opened our eyes to the need of having sex-ed in school.

9. Maeve supporting Aimee through the difficult questions of her sexual assault and convincing her to go forward with the investigation was literally everything. 

When Aimee had cold feet during her sexual assault investigation, Mauve stood by her and pushed her to do the right thing while emotionally supporting her through the process.  

10. Ola configuring her sexuality and stepping out of the pan-sexual closet while busting all the myths, was a really moving moment. 

She did not only proudly own up to her new-found sexuality but also broke the stereotypes associated with it.  

11. Jean’s words of wisdom is the best and the most self-sufficient advice ever.  

When an asexual teenage girl walked into Jean’s cabin, wondering if she was “broken” because she didn’t want to have sex, Jean told her an eye-opening fact that made her feel comfortable in her own skin. 

12. When Maeve finally told Otis about her feelings for him. 

After an emotionally confusing roller-coaster, Maeve was finally sure about her feelings for Otis. Even if it was a little too late, she fiercely poured her heart out to him. 

13. Mrs. Groff putting her foot down and prioritising her feelings was one of the most liberating scenes from this season. 

After she realised that her husband wasn’t making an effort to listen to her or make her happy, she did what was right for her. She prioritised herself and found happiness away from her toxic husband. 

14. Adam finally confessing his love for Eric between a Romeo-Juliet performance was the most romantic, teenage-modern love story of all times. 

Adam did not just openly come out of the closet with this move but he also risked his school admissions. But for him, it was all worth it because he was no longer afraid of what people had to say, he was genuienly proud of his choices. 

15. When Aimee finally decided to open up about her trauma from the assault was the scene that made girls all across the globe question about the moment where they were robbed of the sense of security.  

Aimee opening up about how she didn’t feel safe anymore was like a domino effect for the girls. Unfortunately, it was then that the teenage girls realised it was their experiences with sexual assault and harassment and the feeling of being unsafe that binded them as women. 

While we’re early waiting for the third season of Sex Education, we’ll always remember the life lessons we grabbed from this season.