Rosesh looked at life very differently. Remember his book of poems, Patthar Par Paani, Rosesh Ki Zubaani? Who can forget gems like Teen Paer Wala Kutta, Momma Ka Purse and Khattar Khun Khattar Khun? Rosesh has no doubt perfected the art of being talentlessly talented, but there’s one underrated kavi in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai who never quite got his due.

In the episode ‘Kavi Sammellan’, we witness the brilliance of Anirudh Mehta urf Kaccha Kela. He is Rosesh’s friend, philosopher and guide. His style is in many ways similar to Rosesh’s, but then again very different. 

Here’s one of his poems ‘Main lukkha hoon,‘ that gave us an honest look at how we’re all just that – lukkhas.

 You can watch the whole episode here.

Design by Disha Bhanot