There are two B-words that rule the roost when it comes to Indian entertainment: Bollywood and Bhojpuri. In fact the Bhojpuri film industry is such an influential part of the Indian Film Industry that even Bollywood bigwigs like Amitabh Bachchan have dabbled in it. Perhaps, that’s why it’s no surprise that whenever there’s a blockbuster Bollywood song, a Bhojpuri version soon follows.  And to be fair, the Bhojpuri version always seem to have that X-factor in them! Well maybe you should decide. Here are some Bhojpuri versions of hit Bollywood songs.

2. Jaise Banjaara Ke Ghar

3. Sun Raha Ba Na Tu

4. Dui Pal Ki, Ee Jindagi Ba

5. Dekhda Dekha, Ba Saam Badi Deewani, Dheere Dheere Ban Jaaye Na Kouno Kahaani

6. Baby Doll Mein Sunwa Ki

7. Touhri Humri, Humri Touhri Prem Kahaani Ba Muskil, Do Labjan Mein Ee Bayaan Na Ho Paayi

8. Hey Babuni

9. Character Dheela Ba