So, May 2019 was a big month for cinematic history. Two shows – The Big Bang Theory and Game Of Thrones came to their much-anticipated end.

While these two shows are significantly different in their genre and obviously can’t be contrasted, it is still interesting to note that The Big Bang Theory turned to have a higher viewership for its finale.


According to News18, the CBS science sitcom garnered a viewership of 18.5 million for its two-episode finale.


The much-speculated Game of Thrones finale, on the other hand, had 13.61 million live viewers.

However, it had 19.3 million viewers including across HBO, HBO GO and HBO NOW, surpassing TBBT’s viewership.

Some of the fans took to Twitter to compare the finales-

To all the GoT fans, let’s not flip out in the comments section. Let’s all support each other in this end-of-an-era scenario where two of our favourite shows are done and dusted.

Now, our watch has ended.