From entertainment, romantic tension, love trianlgles, fights and meme worthy moments, Bigg Boss has a lot to offer. Especially fights that evenyually turn into some of the most iconic memes on the internet. Today, we will look at some of the most viral meme worthy moments of Bigg Boss throught the seasons. Have a look!

1. Pooja, what is this behaviour?
Followed by You want it? You’re asking for it? You’re dying for it?

2. Dolly Bindra’s Baap pe mat jaa

3. KRK’s 2 rupees person

4. Pooja Missra’s Talk to the hand

5. Shehnaaz Gill’s Kya karu mai marr jau?

6. Ravi Kisan’s Zindagi jhandwa fir bhi ghamandwa

7. Imam Siddique’s Salman bhai, time out!

8. Ajaz Khan’s Badi badi baatein aur vada pav khaate

Content hi content!

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