Bigg Boss and Desi’s love for masala goes hand in hand. I mean, the show is a complete package of drama and entertainment and every season keeps its voracious viewers on the edge of their seats. The latest Bigg Boss 16 is doing the same and keeps adding more drama.

We compiled a list of epic Bigg Boss moments that are hard to erase from our memory.

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1. Pooja Mishra’s iconic dustbin fight.

Pooja’s journey in the BB house was filled with drama and turns. She was known for her short-tempered behaviour and was soon eliminated from the house. But her “Talk to the hand” scene became the viral meme template and she was thrown out of the house for the same. LOL.

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Have a look:

2. When Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari fought over eggs.

Dolly was part of season 4 of Bigg Boss, and she was among the most entertaining contestants in the house. She would yell and pick a fight with everyone in the house but kept us full of drama. Once, she fought with Manoj Tiwari about the wastage of food, and the iconic “baap pe jana nhi” came into existence.

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3. When Twada Kutta Tommy by Shehnaaz Gill became an Instagram trend.

Shehnaaz Gill was part of Bigg Boss 13 and also addressed herself as ‘Punjab ki Katrina Kaif’. While we totally loved watching her on the show, her dialogue “meri koi feeling nhi hai?” got stuck with us.

4. A wedding in the Bigg Boss house.

When Sara Khan and Ali Merchant decided to tie the knot in the Bigg Boss house. This wedding was a big twist in the BB house and of course, spiked a lot of TRP for the show. The couple also had a suhaag raat in the house and it was a cringe-fest.

5. When Gautam Gulati gave us yet another viral meme.

Just like captaincies, Bigg Boss tasks soon get on your nerves. Gautam Gulati was the winner of Bigg Boss Season 8, but his journey was total drama. In one of the Bigg Boss, he said, “mujhe hurt ho rha hai bigg boss,” and today it’s a viral meme for us.

6. When Swami Om disgusted us all.

In one of the most bizarre moments from Bigg Boss season 10, Swami Om threw his pee on the contestants. He got violent and locked in jail before he got thrown out of the house.

7. When Imam Siddique’s entertainment scared everyone in the house.

Imam Siddique was part of Bigg Boss season 6 and called himself Mr. Entertainment. He made many claims in the house, including lending money to Salman and making stars out of Shah Rukh Khan. He once scared everyone in the house with his behaviour and his presence on the show was a disaster.

8. When Bigg Boss asked contestants to bathe in cow dung.

Let’s be honest, Bigg Boss house tasks are weird and entertaining at the same time. In Bigg Boss season 7 the contestants were asked to bathe in cow dung and Ratan Rajput sportingly finished this task.

These are just a few wild moments from the show. Which Bigg Boss moment do you remember? Let us know in the comment section.

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