Let me just start with, what an episode it was! Although we didn’t get to see Salman Khan today, special guest Shekhar Suman in the Big Highlights with Shekhar Suman segment really added a different entertainment quotient to the episode. After the promo dropped and Shekhar Suman said he’ll reveal contestants’ asli chehre, we were already excited, and with everything that happened in the episode, we can say, we were rightly so. Bigg Boss 16 is getting better and better with every passing episode.

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The Sunday episode started with Abdu’s adorable goofiness around the house. From debates to drama, let’s have a look at all the highlights of the episode.

Soundarya asks captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to change Priyanka’s duties.

Tina and Shalin’s heated arguments throughout the episode were breaking audiences’ hearts as they were rooting for the duo.

Bigg Boss scolds MC Stan for having a whisper conversation with Shiv Thakare.

Just like in the previous episodes, Sumbul was sad throughout this episode as well. But when a viewer asked her to stay strong, she promised she’ll give her fans reasons to support her.

The episode also saw a friendship brewing between Sumbul and Tina as Sumbul supported Tina on the Soundarya scenario.

Tina and Sumbul’s is not the only friendship brewing in the Bigg Boss house. The bond between Gautam and Shalin also gets stronger as they have a deep conversation. Or is it just a strategy? Well, we’ll get to know in the later episodes.

Once again, Abdu stole the entire episode with his cuteness and charm.

The fact that contestants can now get to know the audience’s opinions about them is surely gonna help them formalize their strategy moving forward. The audience’s questions definitely added a new entertainment element to the show.

Nimrit calling her sensitivity her power shows you can be soft and still be strong.

Bigg Boss gave Ankit a task to speak at least 1000 words every day. And made it Priyanka’s responsibility to ensure this happens.

MC Stan’s fan rapping for him was definitely the highlight of the episode.

Priyanka crying because of her argument with Ankit definitely made us sad too. We hope they sort out the differences between them and we can get our daily dose of the duo again.

Abdu’s singing Mustafa lightened the mood of the entire BB house as everyone sat together to relax and rejoice.

And then came the highlight of the entire Sunday episode – introducing Shekhar Suman and his Big Bulletin segment. What a refreshing touch to the show. Shekhar’s advice to Sumbul, banter with Abdu and Archana and his vibing with MC Stan made the episode full of entertainment.

And then the episode ended with a heated argument between Priyanka and Nimrit which we will get to see in the next episode. And honestly, we can not wait.

It’s just been a week and we already have so much drama and ups and downs. If there’s one thing we can count on it’s Bigg Boss’ ability to keep us entertained.