While the housemates have won back their ration, equations inside Bigg Boss 16 are changing. Contestants are trying to bring out their A-game, and the BB bulletin with Shekhar Suman has stirred another storm inside the house.

From friends turning foes to lovers’ tiff, tonight’s BB episode showed different facets of human relationships. Here are the major highlights from Day 31 of Bigg Boss 16.

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1. Archana is sceptical of Gautam’s loyalty towards Soundarya.

Right at the beginning of the episode, Archana warned Soundarya about Gautam. She said his affection could only be for the sake of the show and that if he had the guts to gamble the house food for captaincy, he could take a chance with his ‘love’ as well.

Soundarya told her that she personally finds Gautam honest, but Archana insisted that the latter is not in love. Additionally, Archana also questioned Soundarya about Shiv’s body language around her.

2. Abdu became Romeo.

Abdu became the lover-boy of BB 16. He hopped around the house, flirting with Soundarya, Tina, Archana, and Priyanka. He even gave them his fake number. Sensing his adorable antics, Nimrit questioned Abdu whether he was trying to make her jealous.

3. Archana irked the housemates by not doing her duty.

Housemates got pissed with Archana for not cooking the lunch. When Gautam confronted her, she was adamant she would cook on her own time. Eventually, frustrated, Gautam removed Archana from kitchen duty.

4. Abdu has still not forgiven Sumbul for nominating him.

Last week, we saw Abdu’s disappointment with his nomination. In the weekend episode, he called out Sumbul for her double standards. Apparently, Abdu hasn’t moved on yet. In today’s episode, we saw Abdu walking away from Sumbul as the other housemates asked him to forgive the latter.

5. Shiv’s ‘epic’ BB team.

At BB Bulletin with Shekhar Suman, Shiv was asked to form an epic BB team, like the one in cricket. Shiv chose Nimrit as the deserving captain, Archana as the untrustworthy wicket-keeper, and Priyanka as the hyper-active fielder. He also named Shalin as the unfair player and Abdu as the one who could be expected to bat a sixer on the last ball. Moreover, for Shiv, Sumbul would be the player with zero contribution to the team, Gautam would be a gugli bowler, Ankit – a clueless player, Tina – an all-rounder, Sajid – an umpire. He finally completed the list by adding his name and leaving out Soundarya, MC Stan, and Gori from the BB team.

6. Priyanka versus Archana.

Things between friends Archana and Priyanka went awry in tonight’s episode. During the BB Bulletin with Shekhar, Archana brought up her hygiene issue with Priyanka’s cooking, to which the latter got pissed. Archana took the water jug and acted how Priyanka usually makes the flour dough.

The duo kept on taking digs at each other throughout the episode. Archana called Priyanka, “Gautam ki chamchi.” Later, housemates were seen discussing about Archana that she does not have any muddas anymore. Hence, she’s picking petty fights.

7. Shalin and Tina: The Lovers’ Brawl.

Apparently, Shalin had some pent-up grudges that he decided to clarify in tonight’s episode. He accused Tina of speaking ill of him behind his back. Tina called Gautam to clear the air but Shalin lashed out at the duo and stormed off. Later, Shalin brought Sumbul and Nimrit to prove that he never bitched about Tina.

However, towards the end of the episode, it seemed all was good in the lovers’ paradise since the couple was seen conversing together.

8. Is MC Stan about to part from his group?

At the end of the episode, we saw MC Stan’s reservations about his so-called group. In a heart-to-heart conversation with Gautam, he called out the double standards of his group members, especially Shiv. He said he was shocked to see Shiv’s hypocrisy in asking him to not speak with Gautam and then conversing with the latter himself.

Later, Gautam also called out Nimrit’s insecurities. He said that he felt Nimrit has been reflecting her insecurities in the form of her frustration with him.

Will MC Stan leave his group? Will Stan and Gautam become friends? Will Abdu ever forgive Sumbul? Will Priyanka and Archana become friends again? Have housemates forgiven Gautam for selling off their food for captaincy? Does Archana feel overshadowed by Priyanka?

Goshh! There are just too many questions to ask, but only one answer – Bigg Boss. Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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What a dhamaakedar episode indeed!

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