Bigg Boss 16 has been giving us the right amount of drama and fun with each episode because that’s what the audience wants, right? From blazing fights to affectionate relationships, this season has an assortment of various housemates and unique tasks.

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Without a doubt, we wait for the promos to see what happens next in the iconic house. However, before talking about the brand-new promo, here’s a quick recap of all the highlights from earlier this week.

Bigg Boss
Credits: NDTV

1. Salman Khan schooled Ankit and Sumbul.

The host, during the weekend episode, pointed out how both the contestants are almost invisible on the show and don’t seem to be interested in participating. The host asked me to pull up their socks if they want to be a part of the game.

2. Salman Khan took a stand for Abdu.

The host mentioned that unlike what a number of contestants believe, Abdu doesn’t need a guardian. The host also said that he is being liked by the audience for being true and he’s one of the most entertaining contestants in the house.

3. Sajid’s wrath on Gautam.

Gautam chose captaincy while sacrificing the entire ration of the house and this decision didn’t go down well with the other contestants. Sajid was quite pissed at him for his decision and even asked the captain to stay away from him if he valued his face. Sajid abused and even flashed his middle finger to him when he was telling everyone their duties.

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4. A hunger strike in the house.

Soundarya offered breakfast to Sajid but he refused to eat. The contestants urged Abdu to eat but he refused. Sajid, Shiv, MC Stan, Gori and Abdu decided to go on a hunger strike.

5. The secret task in the house.

Bigg Boss had an interesting secret task for Nimrit, Sajid, Gori, Shiv, MC Stan and Abdu. These contestants had to separate rice from dal as a punishment for sitting on a hunger strike. This task would help them win the ration for tomorrow. However, Bigg Boss fed them pizzas in the confession room.

Now, coming back to the brand-new promo – here’s what it has in store for us:

1. Shalin gets angry with Priyanka.

In the clip, the latter was seen making fun of the former’s protein requirements due to which, he got quite pissed with her and even snapped at her. The duo seem to be getting into a heated argument.

2. Abdu becomes the heartthrob of the house.

Abdu, who has been the centre of attraction since the first week, is seen cutely flirting with the women in the house including Soundarya and Tina.

Looks like tonight’s episode has a lot for us in store!

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