It has been a month since the first Bigg Boss 16 episode premiered, and we can safely say this season is a blockbuster. The contestants haven’t given us a single dull moment inside the BB house. Be it fighting for ration or unabashedly expressing their emotions, BB 16 housemates are vocal, opinionated, and dedicated.

Yesterday, we saw Abdu charming the female contestants with his adorable antics. We also saw Archana and Priyanka engaged in a furious brawl and Shalin sharing his pent-up grudges with Tina. While the episode ended with a hint of fluctuating equations, tonight’s nominations task set the records straight.

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From trouble in lover’s paradise to controversial nominations, here are the major highlights from today’s Bigg Boss episode.

1. The kitchen drama continued.

We all can agree that the kitchen is the most happening spot inside the BB household since contestants are forever debating about food and cooking duties. Today, we saw Gautam and Tina getting irritated with Soundarya for giving extra food to some housemates. Towards the end of the episode, irritated Gori and Soundarya even asked the captain to remove them from the kitchen duties.

2. Shalin versus Priyanka.

When Abdu mimicked Shalin’s protein obsession, housemates burst into laughter. This did not go down well with Shalin. He felt it was unjust for housemates to laugh at his medical condition. When Priyanka called him out for his double standards, he lashed out at her. The duo had a fierce exchange. Shalin called Priyanka, the new Archana of the house.

3. How did Archana join politics?

Let’s be honest! At one point, we all have wondered what motivated Archana to join politics. In today’s BB episode, Archana cleared the air in a conversation with Soundarya. She revealed that she was kidnapped once. However, she managed to get out of trouble through her cleverness. Even the police had appreciated her for her bravery. This incident had motivated Archana to join politics.

4. Will Shiv and Shalin form an alliance?

One of the biggest highlights of tonight’s episode was Shalin’s confession to Tina and Nimrit. He suggested he would readily betray Gautam to form an alliance with his arch-nemesis, Shiv.

5. Captain Gautam on the spot.

We all know how Gautam’s acquisition of captaincy caused a ruckus inside the Bigg Boss house. Some housemates had even gone on a hunger strike to protest against his decision to gamble house ration for captaincy. Keeping the same in mind, BB gave housemates an opportunity to decide whether Gautam should get that ‘special’ power of a captain before nominations.

Majority of the housemates voted against him.

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6. The action-packed nominations.

This week’s nomination came with another twist. Housemates were supposed to stab each other in the back before announcing why they were nominating the said person.

Shalin nominated Priyanka and Soundarya. Nimrit, Shiv, and Sajid nominated Soundarya and Sumbul. Abdu nominated Sumbul and Priyanka. MC Stan nominated Archana and Sumbul. Archana nominated Ankit and Sumbul. Tina nominated Archana and Soundarya. 

Eventually, Sumbul, Soundarya, and Archana were announced as the nominated contestants of the week.

7. Trouble in lovers’ paradise.

Following nominations, Priyanka took a dig at Shalin for the latter’s ‘aukaat’ comment in their last exchange. Ankit got irritated with Priyanka for repeating the same thing over and over again. Priyanka felt betrayed. She broke down when Sajid tried to resolve the issue between her and Ankit. She made a remark about Ankit being pretentious in the show, which further irks the latter.

8. MC Stan is not okay with Shiv.

Ever since Shiv and Nimrit became friends, we can sense the differences between him and MC Stan. In yesterday’s episode, Stan called out Shiv’s hypocrisy for asking him to not talk with Gautam. Today, we saw Stan telling Shiv that he won’t support Nimrit for captaincy.

Additionally, he kept mentioning his reservations against Shiv throughout the episode. One can assume that Stan and Gori might part ways with their group.

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Will room no. 6 break? Will Priyanka forgive Ankit? Can Archana and Priyanka become friends again? Did the housemates use Soundarya as bait to get back at Gautam?

And finally, is it weird that we already can’t want for tomorrow’s episode? Stay tuned to catch what happens next.

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