If you’ve been keeping up with Bigg Boss 16, then we’re sure you’re well aware of all the brawls, and cute laughable moments that have been taking place in the house. This is why it’s pretty clear why we all wait for the promo for the coming episodes to drop. But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at what has happened this past week!

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1. Shalin was declared the winner of the bodybuilding contest.

Shalin Bhanot was declared the winner of the bodybuilding contest by Sajid. As a reward he was allowed to choose any item from the ration and he chose rajma.

2. Gautam Vig became the new captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Gautam Vig chose captaincy of the house over ration and that created quite the stir. In fact many of the housemates went on a hunger strike to protest Gautam’s position as a captain. But all this chaos resulted in a very endearing gesture by Bigg Boss, he treated the protesters with pizza!


3. Brawl between Shalin and Tina.

Shalin had some grudges towards Tina. He confronted her and asked her whether she was talking about him behind his back. Initially the confrontation turned out pretty bad, eventually though, things calmed down and the two went back to being the cute duo they are.

4. Abdu turned into Romeo.

Abdu went around the Bigg Boss 16 house  flirting with Soundarya, Tina, Archana, and Priyanka. He even gave them a fake number to call on.

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5. Archana angered the housemates by not doing her duty.

Archana Gautam’s stubbornness in refusing to cook for her housemates on time really created some friction. This pushed Gautam Vig to remove her from her cooking duties.

6. The secret task at Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss gave Nimrit, Sajid, Gori, Shiv, MC Stan, and Abdu the task of separating rice from dal as a punishment for their hunger strike. This task was supposed to help them win the ration for the next day. But of course, Bigg Boss had something else in mind for the group entirely, he treated them to pizza.

Now, let’s delve into what the new promo entails, shall we:

1. Nimrit, Sumbul, Priyanka, and Shalin get elimination votes.

In the clip it is seen that this episode will be a nomination special, where the contestants of the show will be seen with a shell on their backs, that other housemates can stab a fake knife into to nominate them. During the activity, Nimrit, Sumbul, Priyanka, and Shalin receive votes for elimination as each speak up for themselves.

2. Ankit and Priyanka get into an argument.

In another instance, an argument between Ankit and Priyanka breaks out. Ankit finally talks about Priyanka’s behavior towards him for the last two years.

Here are the live updates from the previous episode, in case you need some more catching up.

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