The first episode of Bigg Boss 16 premiered on October 1. Since its blockbuster pilot, the new season took off at a jet-like pace with new throbbing issues, rivalries, friendships, drama, and romance, keeping the BB 16 contestants engaged and the audience entertained.

In this rollercoaster of a month, several issues or as the housemates call them, muddas, popped up time and again. So we decided to look back in time; here are the major highlights from the Bigg Boss 16 contestants in the month of October.

1. Was Nimrit a biased captain and sanchalak?

BB 16 took off with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as the first captain of the season. While it took some time for contestants and Nimrit to adjust to this brand-new BB lifestyle, one big issue that got highlighted in the second week was whether Nimrit was biased or not.

Rewind your memories to the second week’s captaincy task when BB dismissed Nimrit from her duties and made her the sanchalak of the captaincy task between Shiv & Gautam. After a chaotic task, Nimrit disqualified Shiv on grounds of cheating. She accused Shiv of going against the rules by throwing stuff outside his bucket. Irked housemates called out Nimrit for being partial towards her then-friend Gautam, who became the second captain of the house.

2. Were Sreejita and Tina faking their equation?

In week one, we saw Bigg Boss himself addressing the coldness between the former Uttaran co-stars’ Tina & Sreejita. During the premiere, the duo appeared to be friends. But as the episodes progress, one could sense clashing vibes between the two ladies. While Sreejita got eliminated in the second week, the audience never got a closure about their equation. After BB took a dig at the duo for not giving clarity to the audience, Sreejita called out Tina’s dominating nature. She had also nominated her for the following nominations.

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3. Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul: The Love Triangle?

During the initial episodes, the audience could sense a budding chemistry between Shalin and Sumbul until Tina confronted the former about the nature of their chemistry. After Shalin denied having any romantic affection for Sumbul, we all saw his increasing closeness with Tina. And then came that crazy weekend episode when Salman Khan brought Sumbul’s dad to give her clarity about what went on behind her back.

Even though Sumbul continues to be on talking terms with Shalin and Tina, she has persistently maintained that she never had any romantic affection for the former. In the case of Shalin and Tina, fans are shipping the couple although they claim to be ‘just friends.’

4. Does Priyanka really need mann ki safaayi?

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is surely one of the most active housemates in BB 16. She has got a word for everything. Since the beginning of the season, the actress has often landed into tiffs with housemates because of her highly opinionated nature that is deemed intrusive by other contestants. On one weekend episode with KJo, she got the most votes as a contestant who deserves mann ki safaayi. Among contestants who’ve often criticised this aspect of Priyanka’s personality are Nimrit, MC Stan, Shiv, Tina, and Shalin. In fact, we’re all set to see a fierce fight between Shiv and Priyanka today, where the former says, “poore ghar mein doosro ke muddon par jump lete ho, Shiv kyun nahi lega?”

5. Is Shalin acting inside the BB house with his behaviour and obsession with chicken?

Shalin Bhanot has often been called out for overacting inside the BB house. Housemates like Shiv, MC Stan, Nirmrit, and Gautam have often pointed out the actor for playing the dumb card to escape serious situations. At one point, even Salman Khan grilled him for his sudden shift in attitude towards Gautam in the weekend episode when Salman suggested that he could be eliminated after his infamous acquisition of captaincy. BB has also gotten frustrated with Shalin at several junctures for his unceasing demands for 150 grams of chicken. But the question remains unanswered: is Shalin faking it?

6. Will Ankit’s silence cost him the BB 16 trophy?

While no housemate has any apparent rivalry with Ankit Gupta, he has often been called out for his silence and introverted personality. The contestants have also called out his BFF Priyanka for speaking on his behalf. Right from the initial episodes when BB asked Priyanka to ensure he spoke 1000 words a day to last week when Salman grilled the actor on his laid-back demeanour during the guardian task, the actor’s personality has remained a mystery for the audience while they shipped his equation with his Udaariyan co-star. However, since the last weekend episode, Ankit has really been upping his game with his epic one-liners and opinions on house issues.

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7. Is Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship fake?

The last couple of weeks have revolved around Gautam and Soundarya’s chemistry. Housemates, Karan Johar, and even Salman Khan have called out their relationship as unreal. After Gautam’s infamous decision to acquire captaincy by mortgaging house ration, the couple has had to really wither the wrath of the housemates and give innumerable justifications about their relationship. While the duo have been trying to stick together in front of housemates, there have been multiple arguments between them internally. The questions around their equation have also seeped into the new month as we’re all set to see Salman showing a clip of a silent and smiling Gautam to Soundarya when Nimrit and Shalin were cracking insulting jokes about her.

8. The most fierce brawl between Gori & Archana.

So far, one of the most ferocious fights in BB 16 was between Archana and Gori. After Archana’s acquisition of captaincy post her rebellion against Shiv, housemates flouted multiple rules to revolt against her. But the most aggravating moment was when Gori stole chocolates out in the open from the captain’s room. When Archana physically tried to stop her, Gori accused the former of violence and threatened she’d throw a dumbbell at her head if BB failed to evict her (Archana) for violence. Later, KJo grilled Gori for her upsetting behaviour.

9. Abdu – The 24X7 entertainer.

A highlight of the first month is incomplete without a special mention of Abdu Rozik, who singlehandedly managed to be the most entertaining contestant (without fights) in every episode. If one looks statistically, the Tajikistani singer also appears to be taking the maximum screen time. With his adorable antics and sensible opinions, Abdu surely is an ace player of the house. Recently, he has also become the new captain of the house. Contestants love him, BB loves him, Salman Khan loves him, and so do we!

Pheww! The first month of Bigg Boss 16 was a rollercoaster ride. Can’t wait to see what drama unfolds inside the mad house this month.

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