If there is one person who has made serious changes to their game strategy in the Bigg Boss 16 house lately, it is Ankit Gupta.

Ankit Gupta
Source: Ankit Gupta’s Instagram

Recently, we saw Ankit Gupta under the radar (along with Sumbul Touqeer) when contestants thought he needs a “guardian” to survive in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Salman Khan schooled the actor and asked him to be more vocal and more prominent in the house. Looks like the Udaariyaan actor took this lesson seriously because now we see him geared with witty one-liners that rest his case.

Here are seven instances where Ankit Gupta’s one-liners spoke volumes.

1. When Archana nominated Ankit Gupta for this week’s elimination.

Archana Gautam nominated Ankit during the infamous elimination task. Archana gave him a piece of advice and asked him to stop pandering to one person (referring to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary) and actually do something. Ankit had a savage reply up his sleeve. He said, “aapke liye bhi ek advice hai. Aap yahan itna zyada mat kar dena ki bahar jaa ke aapko realize ho ki maine kya kar diya.

2. When Ankit nominated Archana for elimination.

Ankit paid back Archana and nominated her when he got the chance. Archana took digs at him and said how he nominated him only to take revenge for his friend. Do you think Ankit remained quiet? He absolutely did not and gave Archana a reality check. He told her, “tumhare pass toh dost bhi nahi hai dushmani nikalne ke liye.”

3. When Ankit had a clever one-liner for when he nominated Shalin.

Shalin Bhanot is currently obsessed with two things in the Bigg Boss 16 house – chicken and showing people their “aukaat“. Ankit rightly said that Shalin should leave the house because he thinks most contestants are beneath him in the house. He said, “inhe yahan lagta hai ki baaki sab log inki aukaat se neeche aukaat wale hai toh mujhe aisa lagta hai ki inhe apni aukaat waalo me jaa ke rehna chahiye.”

4. When Ankit had some wisdom to share during the Bhoot task.

The ‘bhoot‘ task followed after Ankit and Sumbul were schooled by Salman Khan. Ankit played along and said how he chose Sumbul because apparently, people who talk less are not “acceptable” in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Mic drop.

5. When Ankit shut down Abdu’s flirting game.

In one episode, Abdu Rozik is seen flirting with all the women in the house and is seen sharing his number with them. When Abdu shared his number with Priyanka, Ankit jokingly took his case and shared his number with him. Ankit’s phone number – 100.

6. When Ankit subtly clarified how Shalin and he doesn’t have anything in common.

Shalin joked and told Ankit that they have the same choices when it came to shakes and even books. He asked Ankit what makes them different. Taking a dig at Shalin’s relationship with Tina Datta, Ankit pointed towards them and said, “hai na difference, bhai-behen ho na tum.” Sheesh!

7. When Ankit shared his thoughts on Gautam’s captaincy.

Ankit does not speak much but when he does he makes sense, unlike others. Last week we saw the entire house raging against Gautam Singh Vig while Gautam saw no fault in his decision. Talking to Shekhar Suman, Ankit very succinctly put across why people are angry at Gautam and also highlighted his indecisiveness.

Ankit Gupta does not speak much, but when he does he surely knows how to make his point loud and clear.