Bigg Boss 16 has been brewing high-voltage drama, fierce brawls, and full-on spicy content. Come to think of it, can you imagine BB without two turbulent opposing sides? While this season has been weaving a good share of opposition teams of its own, there have been several epic rivalries in the history of BB.

More often than not, every year, the most popular arch-rivals from Bigg Boss have ended up becoming the top two contestants of their seasons. Be it for showcasing their raw emotions unabashedly or having an opinionated personality that resonated with the audience. Here are some of those epic BB rivalries over the decade.

1. Rubina Dilaik & Rahul Vaidya

Bigg Boss 16 - Bigg Boss rivalries
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One major highlight of Bigg Boss 14 was the ferocious rivalry between Rubina and Rahul. The two were at odds with each other right from the start. They fought in almost every task and left no stone unturned in targeting one another. They were also criticised by the host Salman Khan for taking brawls to ugly levels. Although Rahul had opted for a voluntary exit mid-season, he continued his battle with Rubina on re-entry. The two became the finalists of their season, and Rubina won. Their rivalry became a significant component of each of their individual journeys.

2. Sidharth Shukla & Asim Riaz

Sidharth Shukla Asim Riaz epic bigg boss rivalries
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BB 13 majorly revolved around the story of two friends who became the most brutal enemies of each other. Late actor Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz began their season as BFFs, the two brothers the audience loved and adored. However, the two began to drift apart as the show progressed. Their unresolved grudges reached a point when aggressive and often violent fights began and never stopped. Their rivalry lasted the entire show when the two became the finalists of the most popular season in BB history, and Sidharth Shukla won.

3. Shilpa Shinde & Hina Khan

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Like most rivalries, Shilpa and Hina were hardly ever seen on the same page in the BB house. Right from the start, they seemed to possess the most contradictory opinions and gameplay. Their fights were also the first ones from BB that people began enacting. Throughout the season, the two ladies earned massive popularity and became the finalists of BB 11, while Shilpa won.

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4. Gautam Gulati & Karishma Tanna

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Bigg Boss 8 is still remembered because of the fierce rivalry that emerged between Gautam and Karishma in the first week and lasted throughout the season. Apparently, Karishma had applied the chilly paste on Gautam’s face in a task that had irked the latter, and he cussed in frustration. The actress took it personally, and chaos unfolded. This bitter feud scarred the two, and they played from opposing sides until their last moments inside the house. The two became the finalists, and Gautam won the season.

5. Gauahar Khan & Tanisha Mukherjee

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BB 7 was all about Gauahar & Tanisha’s epic feuds. The two ladies strongly opposed each other throughout the season. Their rivalry reached its crescendo when Salman Khan lashed out at Kushal Tandon, Gauahar’s friend and then-love interest inside the house, for his behaviour with Tanisha in a task. Both the ladies gained massive popularity and claimed the top two spots of the season, while Gauahar won.

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