Have you ever taken a trip to the bank alone and felt lost? Like mom-dad left you in a crowded place lost?


It is literally the same panicky feeling you got when there was an 8-marker-question in your board exam that you literally had no idea about. 


Well, all this while I thought I was the only immature 20-something year old who was making a fool out of herself in a bank.  

Until I saw Biswa’s hilarious special “Sushi” on Amazon Prime Video.  

His segment on how dysfunctional Indian banks were and the struggles faced by common men was JUST SO ON POINT. 

Here are a few best moments that will comfort you to the core and make you feel like you’re not alone in these weird struggles: 

When Biswa took a dig at the window system in banks and how it taught us yoga, we literally fell off the floor laughing.

And then, even though he started dissing a particular bank, we could relate to all his truth bombs. 

OMG, THE PAIN about waiting in long queues just to get forms, was real AF. 


And when Biswa called out the bank for unnecessarily channeling all their attention to stupid forms, we all slow-clapped for him. 

If you haven’t guessed which bank it is, here’s a clue: it is literally the only sarkari bank in India that values its lunchtime more than their customers.  

Tempted to watch the whole thing? Just click here and enjoy 50-minutes of a non-stop face workout.