I was fangirling over our friendly neighbourhood Spidey swinging his way through the streets, saving lives until I learnt that Lord Bobby did this way before.  

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home might be the world’s messiah with all the superpower he’s got but Lord Bobby proves that one doesn’t have to be a Spiderman to be a superhero. That’s how legends talk. 

In a clip from Vaada Raha…I promise, two doctors (one being Lord bobby himself) discuss Bobby’s supernatural skills as a doctor. The other doctor Monish Behl curiously asks,

No, but really, samajh mein nahi aata tu karta kaise hai. Jaise koi insaan building se gir raha ho, aur tu achanak uski jaan bacha le, Spiderman ki tarah!

Lord Bobby, however, being as modest as ever replies, 

Max, I don’t do anything by myself, and neither am I Spiderman, dude! You know I love life and when in pain, people give up the hope to live. And I just give them back what they have lost, Hope.

Just like Max, Desis from the Bobby-verse are ‘impressed’ by Lord Bobby’s profound thoughts. Check out their reactions.

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes.