One's career, just like life is full of good and bad opportunities and sometimes we end up picking the latter. Now, Bollywood celebs are no exception to this. So here's a list of celebs who confessed to making wrong movie choices. *Grabs popcorn*

1. When Saif Ali Khan went all out against his film Humshakals and said that 'it was a mistake'. In a report by the Times of India, he was reported as saying:

The film was very regressive. In fact, while watching it, I asked myself what I was doing in it. I knew I had let my fans down and underestimated their intelligence. I've been introspecting a lot and will never repeat a mistake that was Humshakals.
Saif ali khan in humshakals
Source: Rediff

2. When Emraan Hashmi said that 'kuch filmein kitchen chalane ke liye bhi karni padti hain', hinting at his movie Good Boy Bad Boy. He further added.

Good Boy Bad Boy toh aisi movie thi ki kitchen hamesha ke liye band ho jaaye.
Emraan Hashmi in good boy bad boy
Source: Daily Motion

3. When Shahid Kapoor said he wished he hadn't done Shaandaar, Chup Chup Ke and Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi. Elaborating on the third, he said:

I think it was trying to be an international film and we didn’t have the kind of expertise to do that kind of computer graphics.
Shahid Kapoor in Shandaar
Source: India Today

4. When Ajay Devgn critiqued Sajid Khan's way of making Himmatwaala, a movie he said he knew will be a flop.

I thought the film (Himmatwala) will be shot the way Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai was shot in retro style. What Sajid did is he took 80s film and shot it in 80s style only. Himmatwala would have worked if it would have been made in today's styling and punch lines but it went back in time.
Ajay Devgn Himmatwaala
Source: Gulf News

5. When Govinda said he took up the role in Kill Dil only because his family said he'll be left behind.

I asked my wife and my children about it. They very honestly told me that I didn't have much of a choice. The kind of roles I wanted to do were not coming my way and I wasn't keen on the kind of offers I was getting. My family told me to take up the offer, or I'll be left behind.
govinda in kill dil
Source: IndiaWest

6. When Katrina Kaif regretted working in Boom.

Katrina is a massive star now, but her start in Bollywood wasn't that ideal. It has often been reported that she has disappointments over doing Boom.

Katrina kaif in Boom
Source: The Indian Express

7. When Abhay Deol said he would never want to be a part of a movie like Aisha again. Not holding back at all, he added:

The movie had nothing to do with Jane Austen’s Emma as it was reported. When I was shooting, I realised that the film was more about clothes than actual acting. I even read reviews of the movie that praised the clothes.
Abhay Deol in Aisha
Source: India Today

8. When Twinkle Khanna took a dig at her movie Mela and made this political tweet:

It's okay, everyone makes mistakes.