Bollywood has long been infamous for making insensitive remarks. No matter how big a crisis may be, we can always count on them to be impressively tone-deaf.

While some celebs sure have made positive contributions during the coronavirus pandemic, others’ gestures and words left us with nothing to say.

1. When Varun Dhawan tweeted ‘be safe guys’ with a fan-made poster of himself.

The graphic was apparently made as a gift for Varun ahead of his birthday and netizens called the actor clueless and even tone-deaf at a time when we are facing the worst of the pandemic.

Varun later deleted the tweet and responded to the backlash on social media.

2. When Pooja Bedi asked people to ‘free their mind’ as she took a private boat ride with her fiancé in Goa.

She even lashed out at Twitter users who called her out and said that beaches are not a privilege and available to every individual as India has a long coastline.

3. When Kangana Ranaut said that people may be dying of coronavirus, but the earth is healing.

She even listed things like planting trees and stop ‘breeding like rabbits’ to curb the crisis.

Needless to say, Twitter called her out for this.

She even went on to suggest people who are facing low oxygen levels to plant trees.

4. When Saif Ali Khan spoke about getting back to work amid the pandemic and drew comparisons between acting and working in hospitals.

He said:

During the lockdown we quietly sat at home for six months, wasted our lives and lost our time. But now when the government is saying go out and work to support the economy, we are in the frontline again. It’s a high-risk profession, almost like working at a hospital.

5. When Kartik Aryan posted a video punishing his sister for making bad rotis and trivialised the suffering of so many women during the pandemic.

He removed the video following backlash.

6. When Sonam Kapoor posted a question about how to get parents and grandparents vaccinated in India while she was in the UK.

People trolled her because she could have easily googled this information.

Indian Express

7. When Amitabh Bachchan expressed concern over finding work amidst the pandemic after Bombay HC barred artists above 65 years from resuming shootings earlier in 2020.

He wrote:

There are of course many other anxieties that trouble the mind. Government authorities have stipulated that those at 65 age and above cannot go out to work… For people like me, my profession and my 78 yrs, it’s packers then!

8. When Soni Razdan questioned the government to provide the Covid-19 vaccine to actors on priority as they are more vulnerable to the virus on the sets.

Not just this, she even expressed concern over why people in the age group 16 to 40 were not being vaccinated first.


These stars are leading totally different lives.