Some movies leave you thinking about how things would turn out if the makers chose a different ending. You cannot help but think of alternate endings and newer sub-plots to add to the movie – simply because the movie was mind-blowing or even because the movie was just too bad.

In a similar vein, we found a thread on Reddit where Bollywood fans discussed how they would remake movies that they did not enjoy much. The answers are pure genius. Read on some of the responses below.
(Note: Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.)

1. “I would remake Shamshera. The story would focus only on Shamshera, not Balli or the modern girl Vaani. I’ll show you more about Shamshera and his past. Shamshera would be like Balli before, but not for a long time. Some horrible incident will change him. The ending would be tragic.” – Chomuprasad


2.Jaani Dushman could probably be better with any semblance of a coherent plot. Also, putting Akshay and Sunny in a movie together, and having them not share screen space is silly LOL.” – LegendaryIam


3. Bombay Velvet.” – Bubbly-Albatross-373

On Manorama

4. Chandni Chowk to China.” – Uncertn_Laaife

Movie Buff

5. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. In my version, Rani will be a grey character with toxic traits that brings down her partner’s happiness and morale down. There will not be the sacrifice and guilt plotline in my version. Over time, SRK realizes he needs therapy to manage his emotions. He cuts Rani off from his life, seeks therapy, and slowly moves on. Rani just continues to be the person she was without realizing the problem is within her and not her relationships or partners.” – Pro_Procrastinator_4


6. “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. The first half is okay as it is but slowly the movie turns darker after joking and putting the audience at ease in the beginning. I would make it a full horror movie. Keep some jokes to release tension in between but slowly would turn Kartik’s character dark. Tabu’s twist can stay, as it was a good twist.” – ishanG24


7. “I would love to remake Mohenjo Daro, but in a way which took inspiration from The Mummy. Hrithik or Akshay in Brendan’s role would have been good.” – Fahad1012


8. “I would remake Rockstar. Recast the lead actress and change nothing else. Masterpiece guaranteed.” – DurCunt


9. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Anjali would not be OTT tomboy-ish. She wouldn’t choose Rahul over Aman. Rahul and Tina get married and have a kid early. Slowly they realize they are not really compatible and get divorced. Rahul reconnects with Anjali and realizes that he was looking at superficial things. He comes around but Anjali is committed to Aman and doesn’t budge.” – Pro_Procrastinator_4

Vogue India

10. Manjhi – The Mountain Man. I think mixing the timeline was not a good idea for this movie and also it lacked any specific POV.” – FreeHongKongODI

The Hans India

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