Hollywood is way ahead of us in terms of filmmaking. Which means, more often than not, we tend to borrow stories, films or characters from them. However, we actually have some pretty legendary stuff in Bollywood, that Hollywood could adapt. Yup, they're that good. 

1. Devdas/ Dev D

Now, hold on. I get that it's a classic and should never be touched. That being said, Anurag Kashyap's Dev D was an entirely new approach to the story and we all know just how good that film was. 

As long as Hollywood stays true to the story and the characters, we wouldn't mind seeing another version of this epic love story. 

Source: Film Companion

2. Sholay

Now Sholay is heavily inspired by Kurosawa's action flick Seven Samurai, and John Sturges' The Magnificent Seven. Sholay was what you would call a Western in Hollywood

That being said, when was the last time you saw good Western? This could be it. It's got the story,  the guns, the outlaws, all of it. 

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3. Queen

There was something about a woman going alone on her own honeymoon and having the time of her life that made this movie a blockbuster in India. Now, Hollywood has its fair share of 'girl-power' movies but hey, maybe they can have a person of colour as the lead. That would be a start. 

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4. Gangs of Wasseypur

There is something very local about Gangs of Wasseypur that makes it to every film list. Which is why I can see why it would be so difficult to adapt this film. That being said, gangster comedy is a genre that doesn't have that kind of recognition. Hence, this might just be the beginning of something really cool. 

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5. The Lunchbox

There is just something so beautiful about The Lunchbox that it makes you smile every time you watch it. Both Nimrat Kaur and the late Irrfan Khan were absolutely brilliant in their portrayal of the lad characrs. 

The story is unique. But its still a good old love story. And good love stories are always going to be watched. 

Source: Just Watch

6. Udta Punjab

We could call its English adaptation, 'The Florida Man'. Now I understand that the concept of Florida Man is a little new to our part of the world but trust me, just Google it, you'll know. 

Udta Punjab was an exciting movie to watch. It was weird and chaotic and we all loved it. Sure, an adaptation won't have the Punjabi elements and characters that make it relatable for us but hey, you don't know the Flordia Man yet. Add some drugs to the mix and that film just writes itself. 

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7. Special 26

Who doesn't like a good heist film? The OG film had a good cast that played their roles perfectly and an intriguing story that carried the film.  Actually, with Hollywood's big budgets, this would become an even better film to watch. 

Source: The Print

8. Andaz Apna Apna

Why this film doesn't have a sequel yet, I'll never know. This is a classic. Now, obviously the same tropes and jokes won't work in 2020 but this sure looks like a film for Vice Vaughn and Owen Wilson or Seth Rogen and James Franco, I don't know. All I can think of is just how much a stoner film this could become. 

Source: India TV News

9. Sparsh

This Naseeruddin Shah-Shabana Azmi film is an all-time classic. And it is one of the few subjects that transcend languages and cultures. We all like a happy love story. But nobody shows troubles after the happy ending like this one does. 

Obviously, there are certain specifics to this particular story but this can be adapted for a diffrent auidence.  

Source: The Hindu

10. Saaransh

When one watches Saaransh, it is difficult to believe that this was Anupam Kher's debut film. The story of an old couple in India dealing with the death of their only son in a mugging incident in New York inspires true pain. 

The film is undoubtedly brilliant and if remade, will need some seriously god casting choices, given its original lineup. Also, given the present state of the world, it might just work. 

Source: India TV

Any other movies that you would like to be added to this list or make castig choics, please go ahead.