A lot of us grow up taking cues from Bollywood movies to learn a little about love. And Hindi films know how to keep it grand and oh-so-romantic, which is why most proposal scenes in movies are anything but subtle. But, imagine if they were not films and real life, they might not have all worked out. From simply getting a ‘no’ to ending up in chaos or drama, a lot could’ve happened. 

And these are some scenarios that could totally end up far from ‘perfect’ IRL:

1. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

While we cannot get over from the proposal scene from Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, there are a lot of chances that it would’ve failed in real life. Jai sneaked into the airport to meet Aditi, and while it was deeply romantic, outside the fictional world, Jai would’ve been caught and arrested for breaking several rules and laws. Also, Aditi would’ve probably boarded the flight and only found out about it, after landing in New York. 


2. 2 States

In the film, Krish realizes that he wants to get married while Ananya is sitting for her interview. He then enters the room and proposes her mid-interview – which made us go ‘aww’. But, imagine this taking place in a real scenario. The recruiters would’ve definitely not enjoyed the intervention, and that could’ve easily resulted in them dropping Ananya as a candidate. Even if the two would’ve ended up getting married, the story of their proposal would definitely not be a happy reminder. 

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3. Jab Harry Met Sejal

Jab Harry Met Sejal also had one of those proposals which was over-the-top romantic, but it also depended a lot on timing. Harry decides to fly to India and propose Sejal, on her wedding day. Imagine doing that, as anti-climatic as life usually is, Harry would’ve reached the venue late, probably after Sejal would’ve been married, or even if he would’ve arrived on time, she could’ve easily said ‘no’. 


4. Tamasha 

There’s no doubt that Imtiaz Ali has got style, which is why big romantic gestures in his films are subtle yet grand. In Tamasha, Ved finally comes to the terms with himself and his father, which makes him realize that he made a mistake with Tara. He then travels all the way to Tokyo to propose Tara. However, it could totally happen that she would’ve started seeing someone else or would’ve told him that she doesn’t want to get married, after how things went between them before.


5. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The entire film leads to Rahul and Anjali finally getting together. And all of this happens at Anjali and Aman’s wedding. In real life, Rahul would not have followed his daughter to camp, which means he wouldn’t have met Anjali. Also when Rahul finally confessed his feelings, that would’ve totally gone otherwise. She would’ve been very pissed at the entire late ‘realization’. Forget getting married, Anjali probably wouldn’t see him, given that he was quite superficial. 


6. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani  

As filmy as it was, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani didn’t have the most practical proposal or well, the entire foundation of the relationship. Mostly, people base these decisions on what they want from lives, individually – definitely not after meeting twice, years apart. Practically, Naina and Bunny would’ve figured that they wanted really different things, and the fact that they hardly knew each other. Bunny would’ve left without eating any cake on New Year’s Eve. 


7. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

There’s no denying that SRK is the king of romance, which is why we got the ending like we did, and well, the fact that it is a movie. But, had it been a real scenario, Raj would’ve probably left and definitely not participated on the final day of the competition. Which would mean that Taani wouldn’t get to propose him like she did. Instead, she would’ve had to track him and hope that he would still want a relationship.

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8. Cocktail

Cocktail had some good moments and things, but Saif Ali Khan’s Gautam was definitely not one of them. And let’s just face it, he wasn’t right by Veronica. So, his grand gesture of proposing Meera with Veronica’s help wouldn’t have worked out in real life. He went to her confidently after the entire chaos, which might seem romantic, but in reality, Meera would’ve wanted him to leave. Specifically after he was so condescending and almost played both of them.


9. Break Ke Baad

While this is one of the few Bollywood films that understands the need to call it quits, when it’s important, the proposal was definitely quite dramatic. Abhay stages a wedding with Aaliya, without even telling her, and thankfully it all works out. But, after being told to move on, Abhay would definitely not have staged a wedding just so he could get Aaliya to realize that they belong together. Specifically not with the confidence to get her name printed on the cards. 


10. Anjaana Anjaani

Anjaana Anjaani had another proposal scene which was largely based on timing. For starters, Kiara or Akash could’ve easily missed each other at the bridge, given that they were not in touch. Also, after jumping into the sea, at the time, they could’ve been arrested or at least questioned if it were not a Bollywood movie. And that would definitely not end up how Akash planned it to be.

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That filmy urge to travel saat-samandar-paar to propose ‘the one’, without calling them.