While Bollywood’s first Astra-verse movie, Brahmastra, gave us magnificent VFX, the film received immense backlash for its cringeworthy dialogues and slightly peculiar storyline. More so, for Isha being high on the ‘SHIVA-roll. ‘ Cos that’s the prominent and perhaps the only dialogue Alia Bhatt had in the film.

Alia Bhatt Brahmastra Shiva

After its release following years of hype, the audiences brutally analyzed Brahmastra. Somebody even kept a count of the number of times Alia Bhatt said Shiva in the film.

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In extension to this, today, we have somebody compiling a video of all of Alia Bhatt’s Shiva dialogue scenes from Brahmastra, and it makes up for a perfect 1.5-minute-long film teaser. The video got shared on Twitter by the username @KrisLovesMovies & it’s gaining a lot of traction.


Obviously! Twitter has a lot to say about this hilarious Shiva cut from Brahmastra.


Watching this cut has really installed Shiva in my head; it’ll take some time for me to stop saying Shiva cos all I can now think about is Shiva and Shiva ki light and Shiva ka button and… I should stop!


I mean, see ya!