If we ignore the cringe dialogues, Brahmastra Part One – Shiva was actually a good watch. The underlying story was nice, the Dev built-up was brilliant and the VFX were simply a delight for the eyes. Since it was just the first part of the trilogy and the first instalment of the AstraVerse, we didn’t get to see as much of the character’s background stories as we would have liked, and that’s pretty much justified. So, here are some of the spin-offs we would really like to see in the future.

1. Shah Rukh Khan’s Scientist

The movie started with Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo as the scientist Mohan Bhargav, which was also an ode to his character in Swades, who wields the VanarAstra. We would love to see how Mohan Bhargav left the job at NASA, came back to India, built SpaceHind and got the VanarAstra. Also, it would be interesting to see how he combines the power of Astras with his knowledge of Science – bringing together two extremely different worlds.

brahmastra spinoffs
Credit: IndiaTimes

Before the fans were saying it, we were also saying that ourselves. When we were shooting the sequence in 2019, we were also talking on sets. As we discovered the personality of the scientist, we said, ‘Yaar, we have to do stuff. We have to do the origin story of the scientist!’

Ayan Mukherjee

2. Nagarjuna’s Artist

Yet another background story we would love to watch. Nagarjuna’s character Anish Shetty is an artist who wields the Nandiastra and shifts from a calm and composed man to someone completely different, and this could be an interesting story to watch along with his background, of course.

brahmastra spinoffs
Credit: The Indian Express

3. Deepika Padukone’s Amrita

And yes, it IS Deepika Padukone playing the role of Amrita in Brahmastra. We know she is Shiva’s mother and the one who defeated Dev in his conquest to achieve the Brahmastra, but we don’t know what happened next.

brahmastra spinoffs

Why did she choose to hide instead of going back to the Ashram? Why she kept the third piece of Brahmastra with herself instead of giving it back to Brahmansh? Why didn’t she save herself from the fire when she bears the JalAstra? And so, SO much more.

We clearly have a lot of questions we need answers to. Agreed, a lot will be revealed in Part Two – Dev but Amrita’s character looks like something that deserves a movie of its own.

4. Mouni Roy’s Junoon

Junoon was a strong character in Part One – Shiva, probably a character stronger than Alia Bhatt’s Isha. We would love to see how she became such an ardent follower of Dev, if she is actually Dev and Amrita’s daughter, as some fan theories suggest, etc.

brahmastra spinoffs
Credit: The Quint

5. Alia Bhatt’s Isha

We refuse to believe that a strong actress like Alia Bhatt was merely a love interest in Brahmastra. The character was undoubtedly weak with bad dialogues, screaming Shiva Shiva every 3 seconds.

There is so much that can be done with her character, the role she plays in the entire Brahmastra story, how is she connected to Brahmastra, how she ignites and amplifies Shiva’s powers, why she agrees to get on a dangerous journey with some guy she met a day back, how Artist entrusts her with the address of Ashram and also gives her the second piece of Brahmastra, if she has a bigger role to play in the entire story, and so so much more.

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6. Amitabh Bachchan’s Guruji

To be honest, Guruji gave hints of Snape, Dumbledore and Voldemort on different occasions. He knows more than he lets on, like Dumbledore. He seems to have some interest in Amrita back in the day when they were together at Brahmansh, like Snape. And also could probably be the antagonist who put all the blame on Dev, as Voldy did with Hagrid. All this could surely be the Potterhead in me talking, but there are angles to this character that are worth exploring and can get a spinoff of its own.

7. Brahmansh

How did Brahmansh come to be? Who were the people involved in its inception, and how the Astras are passed on from one generation to another? How are the warriors chosen? Had there been similar incidents like Dev’s before? How it keeps the balance in the universe? There’s so much we don’t know. The ashram looked like Hogwarts of sorts, and we would love to know more about it.

brahmastra spinoffs

8. Astras

Considering Ayan Mukherjee is creating an AstraVerse, it’s only fair to expect a spinoff featuring all the Astras and their stories. They can also show the journey of the Astras, who is worthy of wielding them like Thor’s hammer, how is it passed on from one generation to another, etc.

brahmastra spinoffs

We are clearly obsessing with Ayan Mukherjee’s idea of creating our very own AstraVerse and are just going gaga over the possibilities. These are just some of the spinoffs we are looking forward to which are surely gonna increase as the AstraVerse expands. Which spinoffs would you like to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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