Deva Deva from Brahmastra Part One – Shiva is a beautiful song. It becomes even more meaningful once you have watched the movie. The lyrics tell a story of what has happened, but more than that it seems to hint at what’s to come next in the upcoming movies. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself.

Just a refresher, Ranbir Kapoor plays the role of Shiva while Alia Bhatt is playing the role of Isha in the movie.

1. Chingariyan Yeh Jo Mere Seene Mein Hai Dafan, Inko Zara Deke Hawa Ban Jaaun Main Agan

The video of the song starts with Shiva’s powers amplifying as Isha touches his hand. If we focus on the lyrics, it talks about Shiva’s dormant powers, which are ignited when he meets Isha. Something we know happened in Brahmastra Part One – Shiva.

deva deva brahmastra

2. Mehsoos Khud Ko Maine Kiya Jab Toone Chhua

When Isha’s hand touches Shiva’s during the Dussehra Pooja, that’s when his dormant powers are ignited.

deva deva brahmastra

3. Ishq Humara Nahi Yeh Fitoor Hai, Rishta Puraana Koyi Toh Zaroor Hai
Aake Mile Hain Usi Ke Toh Vaaste, Yeh Raaste Yeh Raaste

Isha’s character was undoubtedly weak. But that also makes us wonder if there is more to her than what is shown in the first part of the trilogy. Could these lyrics be an indication of Shiva and Isha having some connection in another timeline, getting together for some higher purpose?

deva deva brahmastra

4. Tu Hai Hawaon Ka Jhonka, Main Aag Hoon

If we relate the …Inko Zara De Ke Hawa Ban Jau Mai Agan and Tu Hawaon Ka Jhonka, Main Aag Hoon we might infer that Isha indeed plays a bigger role than what we have seen in the first part. Considering Shiva is the AgniAstra (main aag hoon), there is a possibility that Isha could wield the PawanAstra (tu hawaon ka jhonka). Especially considering that Tenzing dies at the end of the movie and Isha is seen picking something up, probably the PawanAstra?

deva deva brahmastra

5. Main Jee Raha Hoon Tere Intezaar Mein, Aawaaz De Aawaaz De

Ok, this might be a far fetch, but could Isha calling Shiva’s name every 3 seconds be meaningful instead of just bad dialogue writing? What if it builds some deeper connection between the two? Especially considering the impact Isha has on everyone else – the Artist telling her Ashram’s address, giving her the piece of Brahmastra, etc – could she have some extraordinary powers that will be revealed in the later parts?

deva deva brahmastra

Even if all of this is a result of my overthinking, overanalyzing brain, Deva Deva is still a really good song that you can definitely listen to on loop.

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