*GOT Episode 1, Season 8 spoilers ahead*

The first ever episode of this epic show starts with Bran lurking around trynna sneak up on Jaime and Cersei going at it. But in Season 8, our boy has apparently come a long way. 


The majority of the screentime Bran gets, in the new episode, is basically him staring at people.

Bran is basically that neighbourhood aunty who’s always hanging out in the courtyard, speculating about other people’s business.

Seriously, you leave home, they will be there, and you come back they’ll still be there keeping a track of everything. Nothing can make you feel more guilty than a single look from them.


They know everything, literally everything. 

We’re all Jon Snows in front of these omniscient humans.

A death stare from these folks can make you question your existence.

You should never cut them… coz they never forget.

They basically have access to gossip that can start fires and bring down entire kingdoms.

They are the first ones to blow up budding romances.

But, they’ll make sure they’re not the ones pulling the trigger.

They’ll stake out an entire day or night to serve you their deadly stares.

They make one hell of an uncomfortable conversation.

Where is the lie?